Friday, January 1, 2010

M is for.....

The 1st of January always provides an immediate concoction of promises, expectations, hopes and dreams from all of us in the attempt to make sense and use of a new beginning.

Our resolutions and restorations are created as a long term guide, helping us to replace the mistakes, regrets, misconceptions and/or setbacks of previous experiences with new focus. But what is focus without structure?

We're all victims of not following our resolutions throughout the year, as the journey towards contentment and happiness is hardly linear. However we use that as an excuse sometimes and end up back to square one and already planning for the next year. I believe alot of that is down to emphasis on long term planning as supposed to short steps

"When it comes to getting things done, we need fewer architects and more bricklayers" - Colleen C. Barrett

In every goal or target we wish to achieve and accomplish there are always STEPS provided. It's necessary for us to plan these steps before we think about the resulting success. I've started the year concetrating on the 4 M's that will take me to my year goal.

M is for Motivation..

In theory the result, success and/or goal accomplishment should be motivation enough however our journey towards this is always interrupted and we can lack focus afterwards. Its important that we gain small bits of inspiration whether it be something you see, read or hear. Whenever I lack motivation I like to watch the video clip below, it's a real uplifter and helps me to enjoy my craft aswell as re-establish the reason I started my work in the first place.

M is for Milestones..

Set yourself small targets to get yourself to the main target. This in turn gives your focus structure and you are always working towards what you want to achieve. I've proceeded in writing down things I need to do on a weekly basis on paper, however little they may be. This stretches from my work with Pbleepd to my daily prayer; organisation leads to productivity

M is for Mentor..

What is (insert concept here) if you have nobody to share it with?

Speaking to my older brother last week I realised how important it is to have somebody to talk to every now and again about life. We all have friends and family members we talk to but who do you single out as a mentor figure? It's imperative that we have someone to help guide us on our projects and keep us on the straight and narrow; constructive criticism and feedback are as worthy as appraisal and one word positives such as "good" and "yes".

M is for Movement..

"If Opportunity doesnt knock, build a door"

Every industry and facet of life is filled with people who grasp at opportunities. Are you one them? We must align ourselves with those who are willing to do what they can to achieve their goals as well as staying true to themselves. Dont be stagnant, if you want something done then take the steps to do them and dont wait for things to happen. Keep it moving, or someone else will take what you "thought" belonged to you.

Happy New Year to all my readers, followers and silent observers. Make 2010 another one to remember.

Stay Blessed


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