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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something Old & Anonymous

The laziness has gone beyond funny, I've neglected this blog when the readers have shown love, its not my fault I can assure you. Nevertheless I'm back and ready to get this pen rolling. Before I start blogging I'll throw one more throwback piece I did with my friend Cella. Bored at work in 2007, Cella emailed me challenging me to do a poem off the top of the head with her. She emails some lines, then I email the next lines, and so on and so forth. We didnt know what each other were talking about but we tried to make sense out of it. Check it below.


My black ball point intimately kisses the page and I watch the ink flow.
From left to right my disgruntled face struggles to understand this rhythmic pattern that seems to be emerging of its own free will.
Perfection knows no boundaries as my mind dips deep into the thoughts and fears I feel yet never knew, Word by word, line by line, raw emotions materialize masking the confused appearance of my youthful face.
And so my heart beat and emotions race, and at an unparalleled pace they manifest.
My mind struggles to regulate itself, and signals seem blocked in a cross wired knot that seems to allow function only to my hands.
So I write, I write vigorously leaving no time behind, I write visually leaving each image defined. Dumbfounded whether these words are mine, hands too focused to read between the lines.

I travel back in time to the day you left me, exposed, alone, cold. Like a child, I relive every moment.
I repaint every picture, every character, every object. Each brushstroke fills a space that was once left dormant
Revealing a masterpiece of destruction; the vivid imagery left scarred by the simple context The dress and the suit, this ink to this pad, you and me….black and white
I wonder what the repercussions of revealing this may be, inevitably tears will be shed.
Yet as I weigh up the pros and cons on this scale of my life, I trust in the spirit to lead as he wishes. Knowing this was not prompted by my own vision.
But by something deeper, for in your mind was a mutual diversity that to you could never be The commitment too powerful for you to apprehend. Blinded by the element of love, I was unable to see.

Yet I am called to love? This same love that made me smile brought tears to my eyes an impaired vision.
This same love that picked me up pushed me down, broke me, left me in pieces.
I travel back in time to the day you left me, I stand in front of the one I love, I stand in front of the one I loved. One of them loving me through and through, the other one was you.
I stand in front of an incomplete image of someone who is almost unrecognizable,
Were it not for my heartbeat, the song that echoes in my head, the quivering of my hands, as I try to keep balance, were it not for the familiar look in your eyes you would
be a stranger. Ironic that in that precise moment you showed me the real you. The stage was set for the confrontation and you like so many wilted.

So round and around I go, confusion still reigns and emotions are still ablaze. I struggle to find meaning, to let go. I struggle not to regret, not to resent, I struggle not to love and not to hate.
My hand still in control and the ink continuously flows, while the other hand soothes the bulging belly below. You are the core of what I create and you don’t even know and though explicitly stated I know you’d never be able to comprehend this puppet show, this classic opera this thriller, this…. what is this? Though explicitly stated, I still can’t fully comprehend this. What is this? A question only you could answer. And as the ink runs dry and my hands tremble, my thoughts of you are only explained through the tear drops trickling along my ball point pen.
This tear stained log of my history now lies beneath a mounting pile and as I continue to cry, thoughts continue to run through my mind.
The vision begins an automatic reply.
With no delay I toss and turn and with my head buried in my pillow I scream out loud to vent. I hear the tick tocking of the clock and tip tapping of the rain against my window and as I find the strength to sit up, I hear a knock. I hear a whisper, a grunt, a cry.

Written by Cella Johnson & L.Mayne

We still dont know what it was about but somehow it made sense

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why Do They Want You When You’re Taken?

Girls Says: So…
Guy Says: So…
Girl Says: Since when were you in a relationship?…
Guy Laughs: Wow you’ve got something to say too!?!
Girl Says: Well yeah I saw your relationship status, interesting
Guy Says: Yeah thought I might as well make it official
Girl Says: Damn, why are all the good guys always taken?
Guy Says: Because some of you girls take too long to figure out who’s best
Girl Says: Maybe, just make sure she treats you right, or I might have to take her place
Guy Says: Ha! Thanks
Girl Says: Im being serious… If you wasn’t taken the things me and you would do…wow
Guy Laughs
In His Mind: And you’re telling me this NOW as supposed to a few weeks ago?!?!

Whyyyyyy!?! What is it about men or women in relationships that attract a collage of admiration and sudden affection confessionary from single friends, associates and/or newcomers? The statistics may be varied but the fact remains that once me becomes we, there’s a sudden flock of he’s or she’s ready to pounce…it’s an interesting coincidence.

Where did they suddenly come from? When did they start noticing your features? Why are they NOW laughing at your jokes and adding more o’s to their lol’s? Such are the different mindsets of the world there isn’t one sole explanation for why this happens; there are however many reasons as to what it is that makes them suddenly feel the need to disturb your relationship. So…


Raheem DeVaughn Feat Jill Scott, Bilal, Anthony Hamilton, Ledisi, Chico DeBarge, Dwele, Algebra & Chrisette Michele - Nobody Wins A War

Just heard this track now. Any song that features some of my favourite Neo-Soul artists deserves a post. Check out track 15 from Raheem DeVaughn's latest album "Love & War"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Singular Motion

You ever listen to your ipod and start singing out loud like you thought you were alone and you start trying to hit the awkward notes and your face does that typical R&B or Pop squinch similar to the face you do when you're on the toilet.. and then you open your eyes and realise you're in public?

That happened to me this morning, luckily for those who listened, my voice isnt half bad (not that it counts for anything when Rihanna and Lumidee have music deals) . But I digress, it was classic Neo-Soul joints that had got me in this Tyrese-esque moment, more notably Musiq Soulchild albums......queue the turn of the track above.

Although Musiq's Whereareyougoing (Still trying to figure out whats up with the lack of space bar use in his titles) centres around retrospective thinking and wanting to get his girlfriend back, it's the underlying message in the chorus that caught my attention today. "If you can't have the one you love, where are you going in your life?"

Can you be happy and content being single for the rest of your life?

Meh...I dunno. Generation and Evolution is obviously driven by reproduction amongst many things so we are designed for relations..some sort of connection with the opposite sex. But there are those who seem to be satisfied with being alone; those who post "Single" on their facebook status and throw a fit when enquiring minds wonder.

I've always been under the impression that nobody truly wants to be single for a long period of time. The cold winters and fiery summers must stir up some type of feeling even in the most stubborn of people (it has to explain why exs and old flings had me receiving more phonecalls than a jobcentre receptionist this winter)

To be content and to be happy are two different things and though I'm not gonna be ignorant in thinking a single person cant be both, it's highly unlikely. You can be happy with being single, maybe after being in a long relationship or seeing the difficulties that can come from it but to be content with being alone for the rest of your life by choice...hmm Im not so sure.

What's your perspective?

"No fate is worse than a life without a love"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Legacy

"when you walk away never look back. let the room explode at the back of you like a fuckin' action movie! just keep walking... slowly" - MARLON WAYANS Twitter

Simply put, leave a legacy.

Lay the foundations for what you're about to do, those initial small steps make all the difference

Enthusiasm is a birthright, you don't have to reach too far for it. Change your way of thinking

Grasp the right opportunities that come your way; "what ifs" are a burden, "what next" implies movement

Acquire Knowledge, you're never too old to learn. Research your field, competition and nurture the talent you already possess

Control your destiny, don't let "haters" or those who don't believe in you stir you away from your goal

You are what you say and do, make it count

"Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path – and leave a trail.”

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spreading The Love

Couple blog and article posts that have entertained or educated me over the past week. Enjoy!!

Very Smart Brothas - Three Underrated Relationship Benchmarks

Pbleepd - Top 30 Voices of the Decade

Christiana Rants - Happy New Year

Saffirm - 5 Ways To Start Doing Instead of Dreaming in 2010

Clutch Mag - How To Be A Player

Adam WestBrook - Innovation

"Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either"

Monday, January 4, 2010

Quote Of The Month

"The secret of attraction is to love urself" - Reverend Run

Your attitude really does determine your altitude. The most important thing especially at this opening junction of the year is to think positive. Love yourself, what you do, what you can do and what you WILL do. Fight off the negative energy and watch how much positivity will come your way

Friday, January 1, 2010

M is for.....

The 1st of January always provides an immediate concoction of promises, expectations, hopes and dreams from all of us in the attempt to make sense and use of a new beginning.

Our resolutions and restorations are created as a long term guide, helping us to replace the mistakes, regrets, misconceptions and/or setbacks of previous experiences with new focus. But what is focus without structure?

We're all victims of not following our resolutions throughout the year, as the journey towards contentment and happiness is hardly linear. However we use that as an excuse sometimes and end up back to square one and already planning for the next year. I believe alot of that is down to emphasis on long term planning as supposed to short steps

"When it comes to getting things done, we need fewer architects and more bricklayers" - Colleen C. Barrett

In every goal or target we wish to achieve and accomplish there are always STEPS provided. It's necessary for us to plan these steps before we think about the resulting success. I've started the year concetrating on the 4 M's that will take me to my year goal.

M is for Motivation..

In theory the result, success and/or goal accomplishment should be motivation enough however our journey towards this is always interrupted and we can lack focus afterwards. Its important that we gain small bits of inspiration whether it be something you see, read or hear. Whenever I lack motivation I like to watch the video clip below, it's a real uplifter and helps me to enjoy my craft aswell as re-establish the reason I started my work in the first place.

M is for Milestones..

Set yourself small targets to get yourself to the main target. This in turn gives your focus structure and you are always working towards what you want to achieve. I've proceeded in writing down things I need to do on a weekly basis on paper, however little they may be. This stretches from my work with Pbleepd to my daily prayer; organisation leads to productivity

M is for Mentor..

What is (insert concept here) if you have nobody to share it with?

Speaking to my older brother last week I realised how important it is to have somebody to talk to every now and again about life. We all have friends and family members we talk to but who do you single out as a mentor figure? It's imperative that we have someone to help guide us on our projects and keep us on the straight and narrow; constructive criticism and feedback are as worthy as appraisal and one word positives such as "good" and "yes".

M is for Movement..

"If Opportunity doesnt knock, build a door"

Every industry and facet of life is filled with people who grasp at opportunities. Are you one them? We must align ourselves with those who are willing to do what they can to achieve their goals as well as staying true to themselves. Dont be stagnant, if you want something done then take the steps to do them and dont wait for things to happen. Keep it moving, or someone else will take what you "thought" belonged to you.

Happy New Year to all my readers, followers and silent observers. Make 2010 another one to remember.

Stay Blessed


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Musings of Leon Mayne

Big shout out to my friend Ronke of Musings of Ondo Lady for featuring me in her weekly "My Space" blog. I'll be attending her London blogger's meet up with some of the Pbleepd team so I'll post a little something on it. In the meantime check out My Space - Leon Mayne (the name's been baited now)

Hip Hop? No R&B is Dead

Had to bring this 2008 article I wrote back because certain people are mistaking certain tracks for R&B, Enjoy the read...

For as long as I can remember, the pervasive influence of music has been sustained through it’s uncanny ability to relate to human emotion as well as diversify it’s sound to please the masses. One genre in particular that represented such claims was R’n’B which up until present has been able to re-invent itself time and time again providing music for the mind and soul.

From the late 80’s onwards R’n’B was established and divided into different forms of eclectic and soulful sounds including Soul, New Jack Swing and Neo-Soul. These sub genres were the basis of the urban scene and introduced an array of amazing solo, duo and group singers. Whereas a large majority enjoyed R’n’B, the minimum record sales from capable artists in the 90’s meant that recognition was minimal amongst and against the influx of Rock, Country and Pop album sales.

Corporate strategy was therefore introduced by music labels in which they would produce R’n’B superstars; controlling their image and distribution of a certain type of R’n’B I like to call Urban pop. This would allow music sales to rise and is now seen as the forefront of contemporary R’n’B. Although this fills the pockets of CEOs, executives and artists alike, the strategy has somewhat stifled the identity that was and should be R’n’B. We are now accustomed to hearing artists sing popular songs rather than the rhythmic sounds of true R’n’B.

What is R’n’B?

Rhythm and Blues is the definition and representation of this sound often blending funk, dance and/or soul. There is a certain “limited but just right” level of exuberance shown in R’n’B music which makes it enjoyable to listen to as a genre. The combination of Poetry, Feeling, Flow and soul of the artist (hence where the sub genre “soul” came from) enabled listeners to have an emotional attachment to the content and meaning of an R’n’B song. However it seems in this era that these components of R’n’B have disappeared and the overall essence of the genre has left. The content is still the same, with the words portraying soulful stories however the substance has gone….Blues with no Rhythm.

One of the major reasons for this decline is the lack of true Rhythm and Blues artists in both the UK and the US. The 90’s (and partly noughties) had an abundance of talent filling our Discmans and stereos with R’n’B music.

Do you remember…

UK: Lynden David Hall, Beverley Knight, Omar, Eternal, Floetry, Terri Walker
US: Blackstreet, Jodeci, H-Town, Shai, Boyz II Men, SWV, Keith Sweat, 702, TLC, Brownstone, Montell Jordan, Next, Monica, Tamia, Lauryn Hill (etc etc etc)

UK have tried to bring in R’n’B influenced artists but their time has been short lived leaving it an almost non-existent genre in the UK. This wont surprise many as there has never been a sole year where a flood of UK R’n’B artists are on the scene at once even though there have been a number of them spread over the years. What makes the US list interesting is the number of groups involved in the generation of soul and swing. Today’s industry shows a decrease in melodic groups representing the genre. The solo artists are scattered around in different sub genre’s however the so called forefront of R’n’B has artists involved in Urban Pop and judging by the success it may be this way forever.

Contemporary R’n’B is dominated by the likes of Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Rihanna, T-Pain and Akon. All are talented, creative and entertaining artists, but they have been moulded by their labels into Urban Pop Figures. This wades well to the popularity of R’n’B but doesn’t truly represent the genre’s art form. Some may argue the case, as all of the named artists have produced songs that rival or emulate the sound of the 90’s; however the difference between the sound of today and the 90’s is that at least 90% of songs on an album in the soul/swing period had production representing R’n’B whereas today’s albums have at least 30-40% (often much more) urban pop tunes (club bangers). The search for sales rather than sound has reached even the legends in R’n’B with the King, Queen, Prince and Princess (R.Kelly, Mary J Blige, Usher and Beyonce) of the genre having to accommodate their styles and sounds to the up-tempo expectations of their labels and ultimately fans of popular music.

R’n’B artists such as Bobby Valentino are dropped by their labels due to record sales. This is no coincidence as Bobby V is known for producing tracks with more soul orientated content and flow. It seems as though the more records an R’n’B artist sells; the less soulful influence is involved.
LOWER RECORD SALES: NEO SOUL/SOUL - Musiq, India Arie, Dwele, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, Erykah Badu
R&B - Trey Songz, Brian Mcknight, Donell Jones, Tank, Tyrese, Faith Evans

HIGHER RECORD SALES: URBAN POP - Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Akon, T-Pain, Ciara

With the gap between Urban Pop and R’n’B record sales increasing it seems more and more likely that the genre as we know it will never be the same again. Could we be heading into a change of name for the genre? Is R’n’B dead? Well put it this way, if it isn’t dead it’s gone beyond a life support machine and is on its very last breath.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


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