Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why Do They Want You When You’re Taken?

Girls Says: So…
Guy Says: So…
Girl Says: Since when were you in a relationship?…
Guy Laughs: Wow you’ve got something to say too!?!
Girl Says: Well yeah I saw your relationship status, interesting
Guy Says: Yeah thought I might as well make it official
Girl Says: Damn, why are all the good guys always taken?
Guy Says: Because some of you girls take too long to figure out who’s best
Girl Says: Maybe, just make sure she treats you right, or I might have to take her place
Guy Says: Ha! Thanks
Girl Says: Im being serious… If you wasn’t taken the things me and you would do…wow
Guy Laughs
In His Mind: And you’re telling me this NOW as supposed to a few weeks ago?!?!

Whyyyyyy!?! What is it about men or women in relationships that attract a collage of admiration and sudden affection confessionary from single friends, associates and/or newcomers? The statistics may be varied but the fact remains that once me becomes we, there’s a sudden flock of he’s or she’s ready to pounce…it’s an interesting coincidence.

Where did they suddenly come from? When did they start noticing your features? Why are they NOW laughing at your jokes and adding more o’s to their lol’s? Such are the different mindsets of the world there isn’t one sole explanation for why this happens; there are however many reasons as to what it is that makes them suddenly feel the need to disturb your relationship. So…


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