Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poetry Throwback

Did this right at the beginning of 2007 when I came back from my holiday in Ghana. I think I was inspired by the "stares" from certain people because me and my family were in first class boarding. It all just got me thinking about racism and hating, sad story. First and only time I was close to doing a Chris Brown (sorry had to use him as a verb at least once) on some lady. I accidentally tripped her afterwards at Heathrow Airport....accidentally.

The Plight Of A Black Man

The Innocence bestowed in a newborn is overshadowed by the guilty pleads of it's emerging haters,
The child of colour is ironically simplified as a figure of darkness by a few the day it is born,
Not their fault, they are catapaulted into a world where obstacles are made harder because of the colour of their skin,
The joy and equality evident in the primary and junior years become secondary in that is

For the elements of teenagehood and education become intertwined in a sea of choices,
Academics become only a fragment of education as the observations of the "streets" become the major learning experience,
Libraries deemed kryptonite to his kind on the news, so which path should he choose?
Influenced by vision he is at a stage where peer pressure is the percentage winner

Will he aspire for a salary figure that has five 0's or will he turn to a war battling daily with 5 . 0?
Doesn't matter what trail he goes, he'll find it hard to gain support from his own,
For the screwfaces await him, no subject reason, just the narrow-mind of the human being.
Unfortunately for him he will always be judged, from the hoodies to the suit, haters cant get enough

It seems like danger follows wherever he goes, the devil tryna take what's rightfully the lord's child,
Parties barely safe, for the pops aren't from a bottle of champagne, no my friend that isn't red wine....
Nevertheless his instincts and beliefs manufacture his journey in life,
Good friends and abiding family the driving force behind his forward movement

The Plight of the Black Man is blatantly evident, The Success of a Black Man is what's relevant

Ya Damn Right It's Copyrighted 2007

"Poetry is about the grief. Politics is about the greivance"

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Christiana Ama said...

Brilliant poem. Enlightening, passionate but measured. You should definitely put more poetry up!

Christiana xxx

Broadband said...

Thank You Christina I'll be sure to post more up in future. There's a couple on the side under the "iWrite - Poetry" bar so check it out.


Becks:) said...

This was/is big

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