Friday, March 27, 2009

Swagger (Thought Of The Day)

Swagger: "A dashing or confident air or way of doing something"

Gonna keep this one relatively short since it's a topic that has been questioned, elaborated and overall done to death. I've seen a few blogs (Necole Bitchie, Butterz, etc) on how swagger is the most annoying term and topic in the world today and I find it hard to disagree. However in an industry where violence and hate is often the number 1 antidote for a hit tune or record I somewhat don't have a huge problem with swagger being introduced to an artist's forte. Warranted the tediousness derived from it's repetitive use in EVERY track is a common cause of frustration but you do have some sense of positivity in thinking "wow maybe they can diversify their content". Only problem is that the diversification just stops there and as lovers of music the public are now hung on the word too.

I see so many people obsessed with the word that it's created it's own culture but as much they may like the word it doesnt actually mean they have swagger. The definition in the dictionary is just the basics so dont think because you say you have swagger "confidently" that you can go around tarnishing it's name. Stay true to yourself and stop following fashion because swagger is somewhat a follow fashion phenomenon that has reversed the positive notion of standing out to now just fitting in. Swagger is like Sugar in a sense that too much of it is too bad for you. Where swagger was entertaining before it has unfortunately resurfaced as a virus spreading across the world and it wont stop until everyone is colour co-ordinating their eye colour with their belts. Like my swaggajacking friend (lol) Eileen said, the new "swagger" is just being yourself...being normal. and I'm as normal as they get haha *brushes shoulders off.

"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away"

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