Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Script Q&A

So 24 Parts done and 1 to go and before I "air" the finale on sunday I thought i'd create a platform for you to ask questions regarding the script, story, my thought process in regards to writing it etc etc. I'll post up the answers to your questions a day before the final part (so this Saturday). shoot!

"A writer lives, at least, in a state of astonishment. Beneath any feeling he has of the good or evil of the world lies a deeper one of wonder at it all. To transmit that feeling, he writes"

7 comments so far....:

$hort 'n' $weet said...

1.Where do you get inspiration from, for the characters? From people you actually know, TV, or totally made up?

2.When did you start writing scripts and have you written any very personal to your life?

Becks:) said...

3. Is Sebastian married to Kim or is that just his girlfriend?

4. Did Cameron and Nadine have a thing in the past?

Anonymous said...

5. Are the characters based on people you know?

Muffin said...

6. The script is great so I would really love to see it filmed. Have you thought about having it filmed and what format you would do it in? Would you do it as a one off feature length drama or would you do it as a series and divide it into episodes?

7. I see the script as drama with a comedic edge...what genre do you think it fits into and what would you say was your niche genre? If you don't have a niche genre what other genres would you like to try your hand at?

8. Is there a piece of yourself in any of the characters if so which ones?

9. Is Sebastian just a womaniser or does he have true feelings for any of the women, Jane for example?

Alex said...

10. How difficult was it to write the script as you went along? Which part was the easiest/hardest to write?

11. Will you write any other scripts for this blog?

Leah Scott said...

12. the dialogue is very true to life, do you take mental notes of dialogues between your friends to help fuel the character interaction?

13. which character do you relate to most? which is your favourite and why?

14.if you did develop the script into a movie/tv. show who would you like to play the characters?

15. if it were a tv show or a movie what would you call it?

16. how old are the characters?

17. how do you focus when writing the script, so you need silence, music, female distraction lol? what allows yo to get to the zone?

Bethany Joye' said...

18. Tell me more about Sebastian's character? Does he love any one of these women he's manipulating?
19. At the beginning, you briefly accounted for the reasons Julian & Jane were having troubles...Early commitment, Fire burnted out, poor stamina in love making lol?? At the moment, i can't point the blame to either party, because i do not know when the affair between Seb & Jane started? How long had Jane been cheating for?
20. If you were to role out credits for this script, who would be the main characters? In my opinion they're Julian, Sebastian and possibly .....
21. Finally, is Kim a psycho bit**? How far was she expecting them man to go (with Sebastian)?

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