Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gone For A Minute Now Im Back Again

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you". Let me just quickly shake off this blog rust.........aight Lets Go!! Now technically this break in blogs and internet use was not my decision since my router decided to heat up and just reject my attempts at logging on but it's opened my eyes to how pervasive the net is; and it's kinda scary. I realised how much it is incorporated in our everyday routine; the average person I know will use the net 60 hours a week which I guess isnt too bad when you consider the 168 hours in a week. HOWEVER, ask yourselves how many of those hours are spent doing something productive?

I imagine it's the same..ish scenario for you....You switch on your PC or Laptop, get frustrated for a moment having to wait for all your programs and downloads to load up, your screen is filled with so many folders and software that you can barely see your background image, you click on Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer or Safari and your on. You get the tabs ready for multiple windows and your life begins..or ends. First it's the Email (hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc) then the social networking sites (facebook, twitter, myspace) maybe a couple of blogs (Perez Hilton, YBF, Bossip......Pbleepd Blog, The Wider Perspective..ahem) and then your preferences (Sky Sports, Asos, The Times etc). Or with alot of people these days it's straight to facebook..Haha You know Im right! It's a continuous cycle and under my frustrations of not being able to come online I was quietly happy to be away at the same time.

When one technological habit fails (the internet) another one begins (TV) and so I spent a week in front of my Sky Box watching sitcoms, dramas, sports, documentaries and the news. Random questions: Why have Channel U changed their name to Channel AKA? Where's Trouble + 1? Why do BET have no UK programmes? Who the hell are all these new people on Eastenders? (I havent seen it since Grant left again) Why does everyone love Hollyoaks? it has the worse acting ever. Why does Paris Hilton UK TV deals before me? Why are Fox News allowed to broadcast politics when they are clearly against Obama?......

Under those TV frustrations I found pleasure in watching some random programmes. I remember Ondo Lady blogging a while back about some show called Stylista; and while Im not into fashion/modelling reality shows it's actually a decent show (I can watch it and still retain my masculinity right?) Soccer AM is still the best morning show created (pssh Live and Kicking). 24 destroys anything else on TV and Top Gear is the shining light in the darkness that is Emmerdale. But above all of this I was glad to see Angie Le Mar's "The Brothers" stage show on MTV Base last night; warranted the change from Richard Blackwood to Harvey was weird but its good to see something creative and different on TV as well as a modern show with a predominantly black cast. The acting was abit "meh" in parts but the plot seems good enough. Lets hope it opens doors to more possibilities because there is a big hole in the TV World that needs to be filled.

Anyway briefly back to the initial topic, put down the mouse or take your fingers off the touchpad and pick up another habit. Take some time off the net and do something else....anything, you'll be surprised to find how much we're consumed by it.

Be Easy


"The time to relax is when you dont have time for it"

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Ondo Lady said...

Stylista is indeed a great show. Glad to see that someone takes notice of me. LOL

Becks:) said...

lol yes your masculinity is still intact. I liked The Brothers too. Welcome back son!

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