Friday, March 6, 2009

A Dependent Ghanaian celebrates Ghana Independence

52 years on and we all still celebrate like we won the lottery, it's a proud day. Whereas I wont be raving it up with friends and family this year I will be depending on my fellow Ghanaians to keep it cool. Too often I've heard nonsense about gunshots and beef at ghanaian independence raves (ahem Stratford); I dont condone it any sense of the word but it especially makes no sense to me for people to be involved in it on an occassion when we are celebrating history, present and future. Just chill, eat some fufu and light soup.....maybe ease it down with some water or Supermalt (that s*** is nasty). Its easily forgotten what Ghanaian independence is all about because the first thing we think about is "What rave are you going to?"....and I've done that many a year. Nonetheless I hope everybody is "reppin'" their country today, I know I am. I have cloth on today in the seriously I do...

Shout out to my Ghanaian sisters Shanti & Short'n'Sweet.

"To be truly and really independent is to support ourselves by our own extertions"

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