Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Face"book Drama

"Mehhh I hate the new home page?" "Waaah what happened to my old facebook?" "Argh! why do they keep changing it?" I've been hearing these statements all day in a failed attempt by friends to cheer me up through conversation (ARGH MAN UTD!!). Seems as though everyone hates the new face of facebook and it's kinda funny because no matter how much y'all complain about it you will STILL go on it everyday and it will NEVER change. Just embrace the annoyance yet benefit that is facebook and expect the unexpected because unfortunately for multi-million to billion dollar businesses they mistake growth for change and dont understand the term "if it aint broke dont fix it". Im 4 months into my facebook hiatus but have decided to make a comeback in the near future when business is running...maybe. I say maybe because it's such a potent and popular site but man it's annoying as Julian Smith has pointed out below.

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Ondo Lady said...

ROFL!! LMBAO! Oh you give me joke!! That video is so funny. What is wrong with the new Facebook? Me likey!! Change is good, change is nice, change is cool!!

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