Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Think It Would Be Fair To Say Im "Pbleepd"

It's a double entendre but Im definitely not refering to the company Im co-running; believe Im literally Pissed!! Constant superlatives have been coming out my mouth for the last 2 hours. Im just gonna give myself time to vent frustrations because I just witnessed an absolute shambles. The scoreline:


WHAT!?!?! Im a passionate football fan and when I see my team perform in such a shambolic way I dont know whether to break something or beat someone, but they both seem pretty reasonable right now. Argh!!! Shout out to Elijah, Ikes and Mas who have doubled my anger in the last hour or so by letting me know how they feel about today's result. It's probably one of the worst feelings in the world to have someone who is always reliable to mess up on such an important occasion, Nemandja Vidic (in the pic) is that reliable person who shegged today. I cant stay mad at him but it's gonna take a while for me to forgive a performance which rivals George Bush's presidency and London Transport...utter s***!

Thats my mood done for the day. Im off to listen to Speedy's Comedy Corner & The Foxxhole to cheer myself up. They say you should never go to sleep angry but I always watch Match of the Day so mark Saturday 14th March as my first negative day in 2009. Im so pissed!!

Be Easy


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Nick said...

The title race is nothing like over bro, all we need is Chelsea to win tommorow and things get more interesting :)

Broadband said...

dont remind me lol Im so pissed right now Nick you wont believe!

Mas (unsigned) said...


Leah Scott said...

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