Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just A Friend

Guy Says: How long have we been talking now?
Girl Says: 6 hours
Guy Says: No...I mean wow... but I meant how long have we known each other?
Girl Says: a few months
Guy Says: feels like years
Girl Says: I know right? you're probably one of the few people let alone guys that I feel comfortable talking to
Guy Says: same Akward silence
Girl and Guy Says: So.....oh
Girl Says: You first
Guy Says: Ok, Lets say hypothetically speaking we were together and...
Girl Laughs
Guy Says: Why you laughing?
Girl Says: Haha I dunno, Me and you together just sounds weird, you're like a brother to me

Echoes ring through the guys head: "a brother to me"...."a brother to me"...."a brother to me"

I can think of only two more instances where a girl could tell a guy something that pretty much shatters his world. Its a hard pill to swallow and an even harder zone to get out of. The moment a girl brings the terminology "brother" or "friend" in a situation where a guy's trying to be with her, he has to concede defeat whether he wants to believe it or not.

Imagine an olympic stadium represents the girl's thoughts, the girl is a gold medal and the guy is a 400metre hurdler who has reached the final; he has "trained" all his life for this moment and now he's up for the prize against other worthy opponents (random dudes after her). The race begins and he's off, jumping hurdle after hurdle with consumate ease. He jumps over the nerves hurdle, jumps over the sense of humour hurdle, jumps over the ambition hurdle, then it gets a little tense and it hits between the 200 & 300metre mark. At this point it's his perserverance thats pushing him as he knows the last 100 metres beckons; he jumps over the likes and dislikes hurdles, jumps over the ex hurdles, clatters the "how many" hurdles but still manages to stay on his feet. He now reaches the final stretch, he's in the lead and is on the verge of claiming everything he's worked hard for. All of a sudden as he gets to the last few hurdles and there's a change in logistics, he's losing abit of breath, has he trained too hard? Now he's relying on just his adrenalin as his opponents are catching up. He's still in the lead and believes he can do it but the next hurdle has a different look to it, it seems jumpable from afar but as he gets closer there is something more solidified about this hurdle...ah yes, this is the friendship/brother hurdle. He skips across the track towards the hurdle and jumps but his front leg gets caught in the hurdle and he falls to the ground. Time moves in slow motion as he sees his opponents run and jump OVER the friendship/brother past him towards the finish line. He gets up but he knows it's too late, for as much as he is the crowd favourite he cannot claim the prize....pissed!

No guy I know likes when someone they're after hits them with the "like a friend/brother" tag. It's a mental and physical drain to a guy's system as he has spent quality time getting to know the girl and vice-versa; the mental gap has already been bridged and the physical was there from the get go so he's now feenin for her. What happens now?

As any guy would do they try to retrace their steps as to where it all went wrong. Was it when he told her his weaknesses? Did he play one too many of her favourite slow jams in the background? Was he procrastinating in asking her out? Did he play the good samaritan and spend maybe one minute/hour too long talking about her ex? Who knows!! What he does know is that he now has to sit there with the shattered memories of what could have been....for what awaits him could be more devastating than ever; her calling him to speak about OTHER guys and asking for advice. And like a good friend he is and has been to her he gives her the advice she needs to hear knowing fully well he should be that guy.

She thanks him and even coins the phrase I love you but he knows its a "friend" thing. All that's left to do now is cry like a little school girl.

There is no moral or solution to this story because frankly it can happen to the best of us but at least it answers the question on whether girls and guys can be friends....yes, yes they can, hahaha.

"Love is blind, friendship closes it's eyes"

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T.G.G.A. said...

Hahahaha "your like a brother to me"!! The saddest line u can ever hear when ur moving to a girl! Be too nice, too friendly and worst of all too accomodating and it can definitely happen to u. You nailed this one on the head.

Mas (unsigned) said...

No guy I know likes when someone they're after hits them with the "like a friend/brother" tag.

CHUCH!...I am gonna continue reading later but that line is so CHUCH! lol

Becks:) said...

This is hilarious, enlightening, reassuring and damn right entertaining. Awww the plight of the man ay? lol

Stephi said...

Hi Mr Broadband. I've been logging on to your page for the past few weeks and i must say, it amazes me on how you touch topics - most true and hilarious.

Can i ask - what does inspire you to write?

Alex said...

for real! what does inspire you? hilarious "he clatters into the 'how many' hurdles but manages to stay on his feet. That is jokes!!

Broadband said...

Observations or experiences usually inspire my blogs. This blog was inspired by observations of people's experiences.

Candy-Elle said...

I was laughing throughout the blog. Guys r sick at keeping their cool coz even if they are feeling just like you described in your blog we will never know. Thats the downside of being manly. lol. We will think you got the message and will keep calling you 4 advice. When we say 'I love you 4 that' and you say 'anytime hun' we think 'He gets it...JUST FRIENDS!'

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