Monday, March 2, 2009

Mish-Mash #4

2009 is flying by fast, coming up to one quarter during the year and I've done alot yet it feels I aint done enough. Im not gonna say Life is short (because there's nothing longer) but if you have plans, make it happen because time waits for no-one.

Been bumping Drake's mixtape for two weeks now and Im convinced he should of made this an official album. The dude is mad talented and has the double threat of being as good a singer as he is a rapper. Didnt know too much about him apart from a track I downloaded in 2007 with him collaborating with Little Brother and Dwele (Listen here) but after hearing this along with his two previous mixtapes the "So Far Gone" statement is justified. If you havent heard it by now, please do. Drake - So Far Gone.

The Foxxhole & Speedy's Comedy Corner are easily the best radio shows out right now. Jamie Foxx, Claudia Jordan, Johnny Mack, Speedy, Corey Holcomb and many more are split between two radio shows to give you jokes, guests, trivia and more in a 2-hour and 1-hour set respectively. If it wasnt for youtube I would be lost tryna figure out how to listen to it every week, too funny. The shows are on Wednesdays and Fridays and get posted up on youtube a few hours later. Here's a link to their shows from last week - Foxxhole : Speedy

Shanti made a good comment on her blog about celeb couples in the limelight so instead of dwelling on the recent rumour mill regarding their reconcilliation maybe it's best for people to wait until Chris Brown and Rihanna actually speak themselves.

I wrote an article last summer about how R'n'B is dead; I still stand by that statement but would like to see the likes of Anthony Hamilton and Jazmine Sullivan get more respect/limelight. I guess Anthony's more for the older heads while Jazmine's grammy snub shouldnt have been a surprise since R'n'B isnt considered anything without a club track. And nearly 3 years on Im still wondering why B.Cox and Trey didnt finish the track in the vid below.

Networking Site Update
  • Gonna actually be a man of my word and update my Myspace for promotion purposes. So check my myspace this sunday
  • When Im bothered to twit, add me on Twitter
  • Still not back on facebook, maybe in a couple months......maybe never
Music on my rotation (amongst others)

Charles Hamilton - Lip Service
Drake Feat Trey Songz & Lil Wayne - Successful
Lil Wayne Feat Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Mack Maine - Every Girl
Joe Buddens - Exxxes
Marsha Ambrosius - Start....Finish
Scorcher - I Know
T-Pain & Kanye West - Flight School
Usher - Love Looks Good
Bishop Lamont - Bitches On My D***
T.I. - Coming Out
Charles Hamilton - NewGirlfriendMusic
Hardpalm Dun Mixtape

Aight Im done gonna catch a sitcom and chill for abit til 24 comes on. Be Easy.


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