Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Means Throwback

In order to be the best in Hip-Hop some say you have to have a high pedigree in these fields : Flow, Lyrical ability, freestyle ability, versatility and content. There are a few yet substantial amount of rappers who have applied to the fields successfully regardless of record sales (I'll be posting a blog about it next week) but being a fan of content alone I still believe there was/is none greater than 2Pac. Some....well many may argue that he doesnt necessarily excel in all categories but like I said Im a man of content and when it comes to that I cant think of any better. There's a long list of 2Pac videos but Im gonna put up a tune that is rumoured to have been ghost produced by J Dilla. I will indeed get slack from a couple people for my "opinion" but it's my blog and I run this, ya hear? (Hip-Hop debate blog next week, stay tuned)

2Pac - Do for Love

"Music is perpetual, and only the hearing is intermittent"

2 comments so far....:

Becks:) said...

no initial arguments here. Tupac is up their with the best but Jay-Z is thee best!

Knowledge said...

up "there" Becks lol tut tut

im looking forward to the debate next week, should be a good one! 2Pac was definitely a revolutionary rapper.

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