Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Electric Relaxation

I Press Play and lay back in Electric Relaxation,
All Eyez on Me, as I zone out with no Reasonable Doubt
that these Words and Sounds will take me to Where I Wanna Be,
All necessary thoughts are confined to this serene state of mind
as the similes and metaphors of each lyric “Outcast” my “Common”
visions to the “Far Side”.
The depictions of Anthology make things Easy (like Sunday morning)
as I’m able to Release Therapy In My Mind, Get Away And Then…. Chill
The vocals charge
And The Beat Goes On, and as I Bounce my head
Back and Forth I begin to understand the Floetic “Music” instilled in a “soul” of a “child”.
The Blast of music is able to Usher my journey, and although it’s not
reminiscent of a Voyage to India, the Emotions depicted in this form of
Foreign Exchange carry my attention All Around the World.
I indulge in Easy Conversation with the rhythm, The Script written via
instrumental. We discuss a Day In The Life of myself and I say If This World Were Mine
I would Have No More Drama; I made the Song Cry for so long it seemed a Slim Shady
but eventually it let me know that Everything is Everything and in this Moment In Life,
I have to take things Step By Step and things will be Alright.
Rest assured Today Was A Good Day.
I nod to the beat and sleep to the sound,
and challenge the lyrics until my feet touch the ground,
I take 2 Steps and remove the headphones from my ears and press Stop.
My Ipod’s like an Amusement Park of Eclectic sounds and
Whenever, Wherever, Whatever the weather, I can make The Heat stop
and let the Cold Play All Night Long til 3.A.M. I Am Free!
From the sounds of Neo-Soul, to the words from Ne-yo’s soul I listen from
album to album and when I come to the end and it seems like It’s Over, I
always seem to find myself Back At One.
I skip back through all the albums I paid for and smile coz despite More Money
More Problems; I wouldn’t take a Nickel back.
I wait for the Next day of Electric Relaxation.

5 comments so far....:

Miss23 said...

oooh I love it! One thing I like although this might be just how I hear it in my head is that it seems like it would kinda change pace and get a bit faster after you say "Today was a good day"

It's good how you mingled all the artists and songs in because usually if someone tried to do that it would just about make sense but yours not only makes sense but is actually really good, the flow the imagery it evokes...I'm very impressed

Anonymous said...

You are truly talented!!!

Knowledge said...

Great poem

Anonymous said...

I like the way you did the songs and artists, really smart

soulgroovy said...

I am in awe. Love how put this together while using song titles and artist...just wonderfully written!!

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