Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Scriptwriter Chronicles: MEN ON THE ROAD (Part 1)

I got a little bored today so I started a script from scratch and thought I might aswell turn it into a mini blog series (expect many many more series to come). Every week I'll continue the story, lets just see how far I go. MEN ON THE ROAD: PART 1.

Part 1 - It's My House

It’s an early Friday morning with no cloud or wind. A new looking ford focus rests on a side pavement, the sun shines directly on to the car leaving an effervescent glow. A house door in the background is then opened and we find ourselves in the middle of a full-on argument between a couple


Decisions Julian! That’s what this is all about, I make a suggestion and you decide whether its good for you or not. Im sick of it!


Listen, lets not even try and play the blame game, it's not cute anymore! I specifically told you I was going out with the guys this weekend, in fact one week ago. I remember it like it was yesterday


You fool!...It was yesterday!


Yeah…well, I'll be back tomorrow evening, if you still want to go out we’ll go, and can you please stop shouting in public? it's embarassing


No I tell you what's embarassing, a husband who cares more about his personal demands than the poignant needs of his family


First of all.....I dont know what poignant means so Im gonna give you a bly on disrespectful terminology.... Second but most importantly dont ever question my love for my family. I love you all but this weekend is Julian time, and in Julian time it’s all about Julian. Julian walks off smiling


Surprise Surprise. So Jane does the pampering, the cooking, the cleaning, the slaving! I guess you want me to be lying down with my legs open when you get back too! Julian approaches the car and presses the alarm on his key

JULIAN (smiling)

Only if you want to, but knowing you that would just be a bonus


No love a bonus would be you lasting more than three minutes!

A gasp is heard around the neighbourhood. Julian turns back towards his wife in shock

JULIAN (stuttering)

Ex...Excuse me. Erm...What, what’s that supposed to mean?


It means I’ve seen adverts that last longer than you!


Wow you're really looking for that fight aint you? Im not too scared to shake you!....I'll tell the judge it was self-defence


Well you can think about that while you're driving with your friends, this conversation is over as fast as your bed antics


No it's over when I..Jane slams the front door. ...it's over

Julian makes his way back to the car fuming. He sits inside and grimaces while he takes off the top of his adidas tracksuit. Mumbling to himself, he starts the car and begins to drive...

PART 2 coming soon....

4 comments so far....:

Anonymous said...

Very good! Funny and enganging. I eagery await part 2.

Mas said...


Shanti said...

Yep, im liking it - i could picture it in my head, signals of a good story. Roll on part two!

Caribbeauty said...

Mr Mayne strikes again! I can already envisage it on a screen. well done. i look forward to reading the rest

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