Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pbleepd is Coming!

The word pbleepd may sound and look strange to 99.9% of the world's population but it's come to be an every day term for me and another 0.000001% of talented people alike; eventually it will become a brand known to most. Pbleepd is a rising company focused on bringing the best out of young people not just from an internal perspective but also external from the ages of 16-28. The Entity aims to focus on community progression by creating a platform for aspiring talent to shine as well as bridging the gap between races, gender, ages and differing moral.

The first step is which is an online portal for articles, blogs, me
dia and a forum surrounding a variety of topics. An online newspaper if you will. It features young and talented writers who aim to develop their writing skills giving their opinions on appropriate and apparent subject matter. Thinking outside of the box will be the main thesis of the site and as the months go on and the website grows, as a reader you will begin to see and capture the ideas, thoughts and revelations of some of the young minds in the UK. So in the meantime follow the writers on launches LATE OCTOBER!!

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