Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Poetry Throwback

The year was 2005, I was chilling in my dorm room at the most socially charged institution ever, Brunel University. I had just submitted my coursework for my International Business module, so I was feeling ALIVE! Usually after finishing coursework I'd round up the troops and see what the plans were for the evening but for some reason I had an urge to write a poem. There was no real reason behind it...I wasn't bored, I wasn't in need of closure, I just felt like doing it. I took a piece of paper from my printer and started writing. After 15 minutes I was done and my friend walked in at that exact moment. She read the poem, smiled, and said "Who Did You Steal This From?"...Sigh.

GRAMMAR - The Essay


Let me define myself in one sentence,
Too late, recognise that one verb or adjective
Cannot elucidate the essence of my manhood
I'll clarify what I mean through poetry

First Paragraph

I'm a sentence established through noun
I'm a verse established through rhyme
I'm a poem established through emotion
Therefore I'm the core of what I create

Second Paragraph

Two arms, two legs, five senses, big head
Let me analyse, criticise and materialise my emotions
My childhood left scarred with an exclamation point
So who needs onomatopoeia to explain?..

Main Argument

I'm not a metaphor but I do symbolise
I'm not a similie but I show expression
"I am not a speech" so dont confine me in these
little 6's and 9's to just be followed by a reply

Alternative Argument

It's easy to explain who I am because I'm me,
Yet there's a comma at the end of that sentence
Does the pause mean there's things I dont know about myself?
Ironic that the last sentence leaves a question....and a mark


Let me define myself in a sentence, I can't
Let me define myself in a paragraph, I can't
Let me define myself in an essay, I can't
I can't define myself because I am a definition, Full Stop.

Written in 2005, Copyrighted in 2006

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Muffin said...

I remember this poem! I thought it was surprisingly good lol, I still do :)

Funny you should do a throwback today, cause earlier I found some cd you made ages ago on my laptop. Due to the fact that my itunes deleted all my tracks so I had to use some next methods to retrieve them and found some really old stuff! lol

J. Boy said...


T.G.G.A. said...

This is a very serious poem. I Think you should write some more.

Broadband said...

Appreciate that T.G.G.A. I've done a few more since. I'll have them up in future for sure.

Anonymous said...

Definitely one of those finger snapping poems lol

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