Friday, December 26, 2008

Mish-Mash #1

Season's Greetings!!, hope you enjoyed your Xmas as much as I did. The Food was on point! (If only you knew!!) The jokes provided were hilarious!! Spent some good quality time with family and received some unexpected presents. It's all good!! Despite the whole theme of Xmas I've only been listening to Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas", everything else has been from the world of Hip-Hop and R'n'B. Two albums on heavy rotation for the past couple weeks have been Jamie Foxx's Intuition and Marsha Ambrosius' (Singing half of Floetry) mixtape, Yours Truly.

Everytime I listen to Intuition my ratings go up a little bit more, there are some certified bangers! on that album. Make sure you cop that someway, somehow. Favourite tunes are Blame It (Feat T-Pain), Overdose, I Dont Need It (Produced by Timbo), Weekend Lover, Love Brings Change & Freak'in Me (Feat Marsha Ambrosius).

Speaking of Miss Ambrosius her mixtape is a good listen. I aint heard much from her since she signed to Aftermath, but only success can come her way if she teams up with Dr Dre. Shout out to EB THE CELEB for providing the link to download the mixtape. Tracks that stood out for me were Cloud 9, Start...Finish and Take Care. If you wanna download the mixtape, click here mayne!

Am I the only one who ever wondered what the name of the Jazz track is in the opening credits of Boomerang? (evidently so). I searched high and low for the track and finally came across it. Boomerang is produced and sung by Marcus Miller (also features Raphael Saadiq). I prefer it as an instrumental but it's still pretty good. Speaking of Boomerang, R.I.P Eartha Kitt who played Lady Eloise (Maaaaarcus).

Broadband's Other Bangers on Rotation

Busta Rhymes Feat T-Pain & DJ Khaled - Blown
The Game - Laugh
The Foreign Exchange - Sweeter Than You
Anthony Hamilton - Hard To Breathe
Ron Browz Feat Swizz Beatz, Ludacris & Lik Kim - Pop Champagne (Remix)
Q-Tip - You
Ludacris Feat Common - Do The Right Thang
Q-Tip - Official
The Game Feat Raheem Devaughn - Touchdown
Rich Boy - Drop

I'm gonna go fix myself a meal (again!) and try and tune in to Foxxhole Radio; last week's show was the best in a long while. Til Sunday' Be Easy!


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