Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Saturday Night In...

It's 9:40pm and Im having my first quiet saturday night in 3 Months. I'd been waiting for this day for AGES!. It seems 22+ years ago adults felt the urgent need to consumate in the first three months of the year because I've been to a birthday party literally every saturday (and some weekdays) since the end of September spending silly amounts of money on food, drink, cards, presents and clothes! So finally three months and 12 birthdays on Im sitting in the comfort of my chair, my stomach a little bloated from Jollof Rice and a tall glass of apple juice on my left hand side (Supermalt just isn't for me....dont judge me!)...but guess what? IM BORED!!! After spending the day reading blogs, watching Gillette Soccer Saturday and tending to my brother and his friends on his 12th Birthday (Happy Bday Julian) I can comfortably say I'm fidgety (oxy-moron) and bored! I like to relax but this is ridiculous!

There are options: I can read a book recommended by my friend "Seven Splendid Suns", I could continue editing the first series of my comedy drama script (I'll let you in on what I mean at a later date), I could wait and watch Match of the day which featured none of the top teams, I could listen to a couple albums (just downloaded Marsha Ambrosius' mixtape...sounds good) I could contribute to the Pbleepd Blog (had to do a little promo) or I could sleep....but really and truly I don't wanna do any of those things. The irony of it all is that if I do eventually go out I KNOW Im gonna come home dissappointed because where I went to wasnt worth it. Argh! I havent been bored in a long time, never shall I suffer like this again! Hit me up people!


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Becks:) said...

You had so many options there, you lazy so and so! come speak on MSN and we'll debate about who's better out of Stacey Dash and Beyonce

Mas said...

Happy Birthday to Jules.

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