Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 Things To Do List - 2. Push Pbleepd

If you don't know WHO or WHAT Pbleepd is right now, I guarantee by this time next year you will know. Check the right hand side and scroll near the bottom and check the description, better yet read my first blog, BETTER YET! go to to understand. Next year we will in lamerns terms...GO HARD! We'll be advertising our brand in different forms of Media with our re-developed Myspace and Facebook pages, Pbleepd Radio FINALLY airs in January and look out for upcoming Pbleepd adverts scripted by yours truly throughout the year.

We'll continue pushing different avenues of the company through our blog, Barbershop pages, FanTube (coming soon) and our development programme (also coming soon). The most important push will be the slogan "User Generated Media" It's all about getting others involved and we will continue to encourage that aspect until we fold! lol. Now alot of people are having trouble pronouncing the name which is no fault of their own so below is the pronounciation equation.

P (Pee) + Bleepd (Bleeped) = Pbleepd (PeeBleeped)

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