Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Just over a month into our launch and pbleepd is clocking up momentus figures in terms of hits. Promotion and Marketing will be stepped up a notch as this has mostly been a tester to see how much good feedback we'd get (so far so good). We have a long way to go and hope you'll join us in our quest for global domination (lol so to speak). Improvements will be made and we expect a prosperous 2009 with many promising projects on the horizon. So go and log on to and leave a comment or two.

My articles on the site include topics such as:

Is R'n'B Dead?

Where Have All The Black Sitcoms gone?

Material Girls In A Material World

The Case of the Missing Left Winger

Young Black Britain, The Observational Truth

You'll have to guess the rest. Other articles on the site I highly recommend are:

Men, Women, Sex & Money

To Brand or Not To Brand?

Who's to Blame for the credit crunch?

Lil Wayne: Jekkyl & Hyde

Cutting a long story short


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