Friday, December 5, 2008

Scriptwriter Chronicles: MEN ON THE ROAD Update!

Just a quick message to my followers and anonymous readers. Thanks for the good feedback on the script, Im enjoying writing it as much as you all enjoy reading them. It's funny how creative you can be out of bordeom ay? I've noticed that the script is taking up most of the page which doesnt allow others to see most of the other blog posts I've done; so within a week or so I'll be changing codes (CSS, Javascript, templates....loooong) so that when you log on to my blog you'll just see the title of the blog (e.g Scriptwriter Chronicles: MEN ON THE ROAD (Part 7) ) instead of the whole script. All you'll have to do is click on the title and the script will show up. It's sort of like a hide and seek function. All will make sense when it's done. In the meantime you can check on the right hand side of the page where I have a link to each part of the series so far just in case you need a catch up. See you soon!


P.S: PART 8 Airs on Sunday lol.

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Anonymous said...

As always this was very very very good and captivating!!! As for that Jane...hmmmmm....bad bad girl!

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