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Script Q&Answers Part 2

11. Will you write any other scripts for the blog?

Broadband: Yeah most definitely, I had plans to do so from January but decided to wait until I finished this one. It'll be different but with the same entertainment, I'll probably start it in May.
12. The dialogue is very true to life, do you take mental notes of dialogue between your friends to help fuel the character interaction

Broadband: I do take notes but on dialogue in general, I think sometimes writers are so focused on their work being fictional that they tend not to use the "little" things that make up conversation. Its not always about amazing one-liners and drama-ridden conversations that make it enjoyable. It's also the general banter between friends and the "uhm" and "erm" and "I see" and any other short pieces of dialogue. They are important parts of conversations because they give you a level of understanding of how a character works and it is definitely something a reader/viewer can relate to.

13. Which character do you relate to the most? which is your favourite and why?

Broadband: Maybe Julian due to his strong will and sarcasm but he still has alot to learn, that could sum up one side of me. I think he's my favourite character because his conversations with various characters aren't one dimensional, he clashes with Gerald and Ritchie which in turn creates entertaining dialogue.

14. If you did develop the script into a movie/tv show, who would you like to play the characters?

Broadband: If it becomes a youtube series i'd get friends (who can act) and actors to do the parts. I'll leave it up to the readers to decide what they think everyone should look like. Im guessing from comments that so far Sebastian is the easiest one to describe.

15. If it were a movie or TV show what would you call it?

Broadband: It used to be called MEN ON THE ROAD but because I was writing from pure energy it took different directions so I'd have to change the name. Each part has it's own message or mini-episode so it would be difficult to name it. Hmm...that's a tough one, I'll get back to you on that. In fact what do you guys think? (responsibility officially diverted)

16. How old are the characters?

Broadband: Josh (8) Nadine and Cameron (21) are the youngest while David (40) is the oldest. The rest of the characters range between mid (Jane, Kim, Natalie Sebastian, Gerald) and late (Julian, Michelle, Ritchie, Evelyn) 20s.

17. How do you focus when writing a script, do you need silence, music, female distraction? what allows you to get into the zone?

Broadband: Highlarious! Unless I know exactly what Im doing I usually start off writing in silence (warranted the TV is on in the background and everyone is hitting me up on MSN), when Im pretty much in the zone I slip on some music. Food gives me a lot of energy to write too (just thought I'd add that in there. But generally if I have a good idea I can write with or without anything.

18. Tell me more about Sebastian's character, does he love any of these woman he's manipulating?

Broadband: Sebastian's character literally came out of nowhere (like most of these characters) I just started writing his character into the script and it all began to click and make sense. As much as there is a huge amount of dissappointing human beings in the world (adeptly named wasteman and/or clowns) everyone has some sense of "good" in them; that being said even though he did what he did to his close friend and his girlfriend he did do it out of love. There's no excuse really but I can say does he actually love Jane. Love will make you do crazy things depending on your character.

19. At the beginning you briefly accounted for the reasons Julian and Jane were having troubles. Early burnt out, poor stamina in love making lol At the moment I cant point the blame to either party because I do not know when the affair between Jane and Seb started. How long had Jane been cheating for?

Broadband: lol Jane has been cheating for 6 months which is 3 months after Sebastian started his relationship with Kim. Natalie picked up on it earlier when she had to pretend to be the one who was seeing Sebastian but it wasnt made obvious. This question will be answered in more detail in Part 25.

20. If you were to role out the credits for this script ,who would be the main characters? In my opinion they are Julian, Sebastian and possibly.....

Broadband: Good question. Yeah Julian and Sebastian would be the first names when the credits roll along with Jane. Jane has probably spoken a little less as the script went on but that's obviously to try and keep as far away from exposing the truth as possible; but all roads in the script leads to Jane, Julian and Sebastian's saga.

21. Finally is Kim a psycho b****? How far was she expecting them man to go (with Sebastian)?

Broadband: Hahaha! I'm glad you picked up on that. I think she wanted them to scare him a little, where the shooting motive came from you'll probably find out in Part 25. She is a little crazy for going to those lengths in the first place but again like I said, it's funny what people will do for "love". Lol @ Psycho Bitch!

Thanks for the questions!!

Good News: Part 25 will be looooong!! (hopefully all gaps and unanswered questions will be resolved)

Bad News: I will start it tonight but it will be completed tomorrow. I have to attend a Pbleepd meeting....sorry!!! So expect Part 25 to be on the screen tomorrow.

Be Easy!

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$hort 'n' $weet said...
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$hort 'n' $weet said...

Nice answers;-) & there were some really good questions. I hope your script writing does really well in the future- don't ever think about giving up!

oh and i will gladly be your manager! lol

Becks:) said...

Im waiting.....


Mimi said...

mr mayne! How r ya? long time. bin a regular on this thing and passed on the url to a bunch of people. Neva knew you had such great writing skills! Truly deep- i'm very impressed. Need to catch up sometime yeah?

p.s thought u mite find this interesting:


Broadband said...

Thanks for that Mimi, defo gonna be on this writing grind in 2009. We'll catch up!

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