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Script Q&Answers Part 1

I know I know, this was supposed to be posted up yesterday but I didnt actually get to touch my computer yesterday because I was out (no excuses...but you know). thanks to Short'n'Sweet, Becks, Muffin, Anonymous, Alex, Leah Scott, Bethany Joye' and the lazy ones who asked me questions on MSN. Right lets go....

1. Where do you get inspiration from, for the characters? From people you actually know, TV or totally made up?

Broadband: Good question, I'd like to say that these characters were totally made up (and they were) but I guess when you're writing scripts you always have some sort of inspiration from something or someone you've seen before and it's kinda rested in your subconscious. Im still tryna figure out where mine came from; other than that I just made up these characters as I went along.

2. When did you start writing scripts and have you written any personal to your life?

Broadband: I wrote scripts when I did Drama for my A Levels but started taking it seriously at the end of 2006 when I thought of a good idea fo
r a TV show (still under works) since then I've written a few short films and have another project Im gonna work on later this year. No personal account scripts just yet but I think that may come with the project I do later this year.

3. Is Sebastian married to Kim or is that just his girlfriend?

Broadband: lol Becks you havent been reading properly have you? Nah Kim is just his girlfriend, double adultery would have been treacherous lol

4. Did Cameron and Nadine have a thing in the past?

Broadband: I wouldnt say a thing, they've known each other for a little while but nothing progressed in terms of a relationship but I would say that Cameron likes her. That could've been something I could of made more obvious in the script but Im sure there was already enough mini-storylines going on.

5. Are the characters based on people you know?

Broadband: No, however a lot of the characters are named after friends and people I know. E.g Julian is my brother's name, Gerald, Cameron, Natalie, Michelle, Evelyn & Kim are named after friends. Just to set the record straight before I get hounded by them, these characters are fictional and are nothing like my friends in real life....haha

6. The script is great so I would like to see it filmed. Have you thoguht about having it filmed and what format would you do it in? Would you do it as a one off feature length drama or would you do it as a series and divide it into episodes?

Broadband: Good question, I've been asked this one alot. I'd definitely like to film this mainly because of the feedback I've got and the fact that as readers you guys can already imagine the characters. I'm contemplating using an independent film company to help me film it and post it as a youtube series. I think it would be better off to film it as a series divided into mini-episodes as the "twists and turns" are a big element of the script and would keep viewers coming back. One Part 25 is posted up I'll start working on that.

7. I see the script as a drama with a comedic edge....what genre do you think this fits into and what would you say is your niche drama? If you didnt try your niche genre what other genres would you like to try your hand at?

Broadband: 7 good questions in a row lol. This script definitely fits into the comedy drama genre; I think depending on what message a writer is trying to bring across there has to be a balance. I can write one of either (comedy or drama) but I think it's more effective to combine the both so as a reader/viewer you have a rollercoaster of emotion; one moment you're laughing, the next minute you're shocked, angry or crying etc. It's kind of like a trick writer's do to stray the reader/viewer from knowing what happens next. Comedy Drama is definitely my niche genre but I have and will delve into everything from romance to action (not superhero type) especially with the project Im doing later this year, I think TV will be in for a treat.

8. Is there a piece of yourself in any of the characters, if so which ones?

Broadband: No comment lol..... I see myself in alot of the characters but I think they've been magnified so much as the script went along that I can only base myself on their characteristics rather than their actions. I have Julian's stubborness but not his naivety, Im very observant like Michelle but not nosey, I have Ritchie's confidence but not his arrogance etc

9. Is Sebastian a womaniser or does he have true feelings for any of the women, Jane for example?

Broadband: It's hard not to class Sebastian as a womaniser but he does indeed have feelings for Jane. Not many womanisers would ask a woman to divorce their husband even when they are still "getting theirs". Plus the text saga could have answered more questions...if only Michelle didnt interfere sigh lol

10. How difficult was it to write the script as you went along? Which part was the easiest/hardest to write?

Broadband: Nice question. Surprisingly it wasn't as difficult as expected, mainly because I was able to play around with the story with no direct knowledge of where or how it will end. Usually that could be a disastrous formula but fortunately I had enough creativity and focus to keep it from turning stupid. The hardest parts to write were 20-24 as I had to do five in a row within a day, they had to involve enough drama and comedy to keep the reader entertainted as well as hone in on the climax. It was still pretty easy to write but definitely had a little more thought involved.

Q&A PART 2 Next...

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