Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gear Grinders (As Inspired By VSB & Greggie)

Since I didnt join the "25 things you dont know about me" hype I thought I'd follow in the footsteps of VSB and Greggie and might aswell let you know what pretty much annoys me or Grinds My Gears.

What Grinds My Gears, Part 1, Take 1, Marker....Action!

1. When people say "Life is short", come on now what exactly is longer? Life moves at a fast pace but it aint short. It aint short when you're waiting for your payslip and you're only in the first week of the month is it?..thats what I thought

2. Skinny Jeans on dudes...yeah that aint remotely cool, I dont wanna see the outline of a guy's crotch. I know that stuff must be cutting blood circulation everywhere below the waist

3. Bluetooth Headsets: I didnt know people still rocked these until last week when I saw a cool guy, doing a cool guy walk, in his cool guy clothes, wearing a cool guy hat and talking the cool guy talk. By cool I mean moron

4. Girls who dont eat, why? thats like part of the trinity of human eat, you Number 2 and you sleep!

5. The Train person: There's always that one person on the train on your way to work who either smells, talks too loud, plays stupid ass music on their phone or coughs and sneezes mouth/tissue cover up or nothing....The Swine Flu extortionist

6. I cant stand girls who whore themselves in the entertainment circuit. We all want success but earn it respectfully and with hard work, if you havent got the talent go on Big Brother

7. When girls say they'll pay as a test!! Why do that? Get a guy all curious until he says "no Im paying" and she's like "good"......Say you'll pay for me again and see what happens; I'll have your wallet crying

8. People that talk the talk but neeeever walk the walk this ranges from those "2000 and mine" peeps to people like Arsene Wenger and Ricky Hatton

9. Over-Twitterers: This doesn't refer to people who put up alot of twitter updates, it refers to people who put up alot of twitter updates about random crap. "just woke up, morning twitterers" "just put butter on my bread because I like butter" "my bread tasted good, because of the butter I like" "Have you ever wondered why butter is yellow?".........KILL YOURSELF!

10. Summers coming so expect muscle bound dudes with really tight tops. Listen we all like to look big but for the love of eyes please recognise that size "small" is for small people

11. Middle-aged people in clubs is not working for me Im sorry. I understand that they like to feel young and enjoy the music but I dont think Im ready to share a floor with one of Jesus' classmates

12. I dont like people with bad breath and they dont know it. Im a really nice person and used to hint at whether someone wanted a chewing gum but sometimes you just gotta throw it in their mouth, works wonders

13. Polo shirts should never be worn with the collar up! I've noticed that it's a common's also poorthetic.

14. The stanky leg, I do not endorse this dance move in any way. It is ridiculous, where do they get this stuff from seriously!?

15. Dry Music Video concepts are beginning to annoy me. Alot of work goes into making a video but you wouldnt guess from some of the stuff on TV. Directors need to be more creative or innovative. If not how about this for a crazy idea, follow the story the song depicts!

16. White cars: There's nothing wrong with these actually, my friend's gotta nice white car. But lets be honest if you're gonna be driving a white car on a regular basis it aint gonna stay crispy clean very long. Why buy it?

17. Follow Fashion is slyly annoying especially when it's pandemic fashion. Ed Hardy and Lyle & Scott must die

18. Im in a train station making my way home, I hear echoes of great music wave across the tiled walls, as I get to the escalator I see a man playing an instrument for money. I hold change in my hand look at him but carry on walking, why? because homeless people aren't meant to have such instruments and be well dressed and this dude is. Nonsense!

19. If I havent offered you my food, that means I dont want you to have ANY of my food. "Can I have some fo...NO!

20. UK Television. Has anyone in the history of life stared at a car for 5 seconds knowing it's going to knock them over even though they have time to move out the way? Eastenders

"What annoyances are more painful than those of which we cannot complain?"

5 comments so far....:

Leah Scott said...

Your annoyances are my humour. You have just brought laughter to my afternoon, Thank you.

Anonymous said...


That is all

Stepho said...

LMAO - @ Points 3, 9 & 15 lol


I'm from Texas and the stanky leg originated from that one girl (there's always one girl) who had that stank walk...basically she tried to stick out her ass and had legs spread everywhere and tried to walk just like that. It's a hot mess and yeah, that's how it originated..

Elusivebabe said...

Looool....all your points are sooo true!! I hardly even bother with tv anymore. Eastenders...*shakes head*

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