Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Means Throwback

Diverse artist, conscious & intelligent lyrics, love for the craft & master of the art. Mos Def is one of those Hip-Hop artists that will have longevity because of his dedication to Hip-Hop, his beefless career and because he's just that damn good. Today's Throwback is a personal favourite of mine; it's theraputic, inspiring, relaxing and nurturing. Despite Mos Def not rapping the track still reigns supreme due to it's poetic and tranquil substance. Word of advice, play this track as soon as you wake up, instant focus.

Mos Def - Umi Says

Make sure you pick up his album "Ecstatic" this year

"Life is a song of your choice"

3 comments so far....:

{ ℌarlem ℒoves... } said...

You are not serious! You have no idea how much I love this track. Best throwback yet.

Broadband said...

Thanks Harlem, does that mean I have to better it next week? This is definitely a classic

{ ℌarlem ℒoves... } said...

Yep I challenge you to improve on that one lol

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