Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Means Throwback

This has been a strange week. I swear I've seen more women over 6ft this week than in my entire lifetime. Speaking to a substantial amount of women looking up is an interesting experience. I've accepted the fact that at 6ft (and a half) and 22 years old Im not growing anymore but this female growth spurt has to stop!! Nah Im playing, tall women get the thumbs up..... but I aint ready for the photos with them. Enjoy the throwback!

Skeelo - I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller

"If you aren't in over head you don't know how tall you are"

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$hort 'n' $weet said...

rah, i 4got about this tune! it's too late 4 me to get any taller:-( but it isn't too late 4 me 2 be a baller!

{ ℌarlem ℒoves... } said...

What a classic... memoriessss lol

{ ℌarlem ℒoves... }

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