Monday, April 20, 2009

What's Next? (Thought Of The Day)

You ever reach a stage in your life and wonder if anything new's gonna happen? You "think" you've overturned obstacles and passed small milestones and stages and now you're waiting? It isn't exactly a crossroads because a crossroads still has options; but it isnt a dead end because you've still got something to look forward to (at least you think you should). Instead it's like reaching a traffic junction and there's no indication of whether you should turn left or right. What's Next?

What's Next is YOU. There's no major epiphany or stand out discovery, it's all about you. Good things comes to those who wait but better things comes to those who dont procrastinate. Everyone has a particular milestone they want to reach in life but have a different mindset as to how they are going to get there. Too often I've seen people around me give up too easily or take a less effective road making cliched mistakes in thinking the path to success, happiness and portioned contentment is a straight road with only minor bumps. The laziness sets in, they blend in with the rest and become a ground eagle.

In order to figure out what's next you have to master what's NOW? Whatever it is you want to achieve in life starts from YOU and the small steps you take towards that goal. Focus on your character, your weaknesses, your strengths and your potential in order to implement your actions, your talents and your skills. Tie up any loose ends you have now however small and possibly insignificant to give yourself a clean slate and no excuse to flourish in future. What's Next is you dealing with What's Now. What's Now is you planning for What's Next. Confused?

"The toughest part about getting to the top of the ladder is about getting through the crowd at the bottom"

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Anonymous said...

so on point. BRAVO

Anonymous said...

P.S I would also like to add:
'All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty' (Proverbs 14:23)

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