Saturday, November 29, 2008

If I Was Behind The Camera....

Since making my first mini-movie at 16 for an A-Level Media Studies project I've had an avid passion for directing. I'm a film and TV buff and enjoy watching movies and shows that compliment their genre. I'm currently working on a short film myself which will be in production in the new year, followed by two more (all premiering on From my perspective what makes a successful directorial piece is concepts; I enjoy watching productions based around a solid and creative idea. Whether it be the time concept on the show 24 or the handheld camera technique in a film like Cloverfield I can really appreciate something that's innovative, different or original as it stands out from the rest. So when I came across the music video for UK artist Wiley's new song "Cash in my pocket" I was impressed. The simplicity of the concept worked in so many avenues; not only did it work as an oxy moron (Middle and Upper Class city workers quoting lyrics from an inner city street artist) but the idea to have it in one shot on a handheld camera made it more relatable to the common eye; it was low budget but with great entertainment. It's these type of ideas that the music scene has been missing...a concept. If you're not going to have a storyline based around the lyrics then at least have a good concept for the video right? If I Was Behind The Camera I would make videos that stood out like this one....maybe my time will come sooner than later. Below is Wiley's video along with other conceptual videos that I would have enjoyed making.

Wiley - Cash In My Pocket

Michael Jackson
- Smooth Criminal

Eric Benet Feat. Faith Evans - Gorgy Porgy

Destiny's Child - Emotion

Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice

R.Kelly - Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)

Notorious B.I.G
- Sky's The Limit

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$hort n' $weet said...

yer dat wiley vid is big coz its nt da usual. da song is da more i c da vid, da song gets better. i hpe da song does wel 4 him

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