Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I feel like I dont even need to post this blog because visually you can see the momentus, historic, surreal and prospering event that has taken place. Indeed we have just witnessed an African-American man elected as the 44th President of the United States of America. What makes Barack Obama's appointment so inspiring and promising is nothing to do with his colour. Indeed yesterday when I staggered late into the night through the elections and heard possibly one of the greatest speeches of all time I realised that Obama's appointment goes deeper than colour and bigger than religion (if that's possible). When we take a look at the wider perspective we have to congratulate the voters of the United States for choosing a man because of the beneficial content of his character. Martin Luther King's speech wades well with this moment in time as America elected the EXACT man for the job. He is genuine, he is real, he is caring, he is the people. The content of his advocacy, the manner of his aura and his warmth around others is one that can only be compared to not even a handful of past presidents. He CAN and WILL do something special for his country and evidently the world.

"Our journeys are singular but our destiny is shared" - President Obama
When a man can generate the most votes of all time from the elderly to the very youth, entice american-political shy countries to stay up and watch him speak from the France to Kenya and have the backing of large portions of the entertainment industry and opposing politicians you can only muster what he can do for the world. This is deeper than colour, this is the content of his character. He is calm, cool, charasmatic and collective all in the effort for CHANGE; all the C's that are needed to enable us to see the future of the world and ourselves. When you're facing an economic crisis, constant warfare and a failing nation what better time is there to have a president who solidifies Unity between people of all ages, religion, races and creed. So I sit here at my desk with a smile on my face and I take my headphones out my ears and say PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA......I Salute You!

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