Thursday, February 19, 2009

Colour Blind (Thought Of The Day)

We live in a multi-cultural world built on ethics, morals, love and ruling but we seem to be held back and seperated by this few thousand year old burden aptly named Racism. Racism is that nagging subconscious that creeps out through the mouths and thoughts of the ignorant and creates a dent in the perceptive integration of our society. Ironically, I'm not gonna dwell on the wider perspective and go into one about Slavery or the plight of certain races 1. because slavery is now used as an excuse rather than a statement 2. I've no time for Jesse Jacksonesque speeches, I have work to do. I'm just gonna have my little say and you can leave a comment afterwards.

The Story....
Now how this post actually came about was when I was on the train back home from work. A mediterranean olive-skinned girl came on the train with an attractive friend and sat down. No problems there right? The thing is that the girl was more than above average in looks and the attractive friend was her ass. Again no problems there right? Wrong! Unfortunately two nubians took it upon themselves to start on the girl just because she was getting attention from virtually the whole train (apart from me, 'cause you know I was tryna search for a track on my ipod..ahem). Now I throw the word "hating" around loosely at friends as a joke but this my friends was full on hating!! They started complaining that her bag was on their feet when she was diagonally across the carriage from them. WTF!?! When she replied back, I was surprised to hear a little "ghetto" in her, needless to say the girls were too and they started berating her with wankster and black wannabe statements etc etc. Sigh...this is young teenage talk from grown ass women!!

Before it got physical a couple people stepped in (both men, obviously) and it calmed down after the girl got off at her stop. I was just shaking my head at the other two girls who continued dissing her skin tone and one said "Why you tryna take our mans for, stick to your own". The mixture of the bad vocab and stupdity of the statement sent me into a frenzy of laughter. Is this what we continue to come to? We can all live together as long as we stay in our own lanes, cultures and races? Sad Sad. I dont blame them fully though, I blame the concept that is Stereotypes. Stereotypes are the real reason behind racism. Everyone's been brought up to believe things are a certain way so they are blind to these levels of diversity and change...its true.

It's Stereotypes that make women clutch their bags when a young black man's walking towards them, It's stereotypes that make some the police and people hardly ever see eye to eye, it's stereotypes that makes people look at asians funny when they bump bashment in their cars, its Stereotypes that make people laugh at Tim Westwood when he speaks and it's Stereotypes that makes people think all oriental asians have rich parents and know some form of martial arts. Cut it out! I cant deny that certain stereotypes derive from consistent behaviours in cultures but we as a people need to stop being colour blind and start being blind of colour. Think About It!

"Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd"

2 comments so far....:

Anonymous said...

great blog, love that last line especially

Anonymous said...

You aint never lie, everyone has that subconscious racism because they were brought up a certain way and it's sad. Those girls sound like straight assholes though

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