Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Valentine's Compilation

February 14th to me is just a saturday but I wont shy away from the fact that it's a special day for the ladies. It's that fake holiday with a positive message where men show their more sensitive side and women lap up the presents, love and commitment showed to them by a signifcant other. Yes Valentines Day is here to stay and even as a singleton we're just as much affected by this event as couples. According to cards and text messages I have 7 secret admirers (altogether now "woooo") which I take on with the humility and modesty of Kanye West...kidding . Only problem is that they're secret admirers so how do I exactly act on it when I dont know where they came from? I call the numbers but no response; its a fun game...for now. Didnt we stop that at the teeange stage? Nonetheless I won't be taking "Miss Right" out this weekend as I have a birthday to attend (hopefully one that will include a string of singletons). My friend asked me to make a playlist for them, which only means they want something that will guarantee them action so I went through my collection and came up with three lists, burned them to CDs and sent them to his address. They're alright. The First Playlist is below. What do you think?

PS: - I endorse AND promote safe sex and if you decide to add these on your own playlist you WILL guarantee yourself action, so use protection!!!

Aaliyah - Come Over

112 - Sweet Love

Ginuwine - So Anxious

Adina Howard - ButtNaked

Floetry - Say Yes

Floetry - Getting Late

R.Kelly - Seems Like You're Ready

Silk - Meeting In My Bedroom

H-Town - Knockin the Boots

Jodeci - My Heart Belongs to You

Faith Evans - Soon As I Get Home

SWV - All Night Long

Joe - All The Things

R.Kelly - Sex Me

Tank - I Deservee

Ne-Yo - Say It

Tweet - My Place

Ghetto Romeo & Sassey - I Just Wanna Kiss You

R.Kelly - The Greatest Sex

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