Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Sometimes I Feel I Gotta Getaway"

You ever get those feelings where you just want out? Those tiny thoughts in your mind that are telling you to go travel; I've been getting that alot recently. I've got love for England, after all the NHS is free; but there's this repetitive, tedious and sometimes boring nature of this nation that makes me wanna get out of here and explore more.

Not just a holiday, an exploration. I wanna work abroad and experience different lifestyles, eat different foods on a daily basis and hear/create stories of country's cultures. I want that Miami feeling: Relaxation mixed with multi-cultural lifestyle, mixed with good food, mixed with the occasional hot women, mixed with friendly people, mixed with good weather. I've never been homesick which only furthers my needs to go out and see what the world has on offer.

I promised myself that I'd visit every continent before I bid farewell to the world. North America, Europe, Asia & Africa have been done but I'll do them again regardless. Japan, U.S, Ghana, Amsterdam, France only! booo! I need a vacation man! haha! I cant be the only one having these thoughts in my head. I wanna see the hyped countries and the quiet countries. I wanna take taxis to destinations and I wanna hike to destinations. I'm being a grandad before my time but I just feel like while I'm young I might aswell do what I can before I relax and reflect on my experiences.Im hitting up Sweden and Mexico this year so should be an interesting time. Sometimes I think I should say less and just do it but it aint that easy when I've got upcoming bills to pay. I will travel sooner or later for a longer period but let me just see where my current projects lead me.

"It is the marriage of soul with nature that makes the intellect fruitful and gives birth to the imagination"

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