Friday, February 6, 2009

Should I Pay Seven Pounds To watch Seven Pounds?

I dont know what it is about this film but Seven Pounds has got people going crazy....literally writing blogs, notes, diary entries about the movie. I thought it was raining outside my local cinema when I saw all the wet patches on the floor but according to a frequent bystander that was the tears of all the viewers that had stumbled across the movie. Whoa! Am I missing something? Every girl I speak to it's the same old question.

Girl: Oh My God Have you seen Seven Pounds?
Broadband: Nope
Broadband: Calm down he's my god too
Girl: I cried at the end, it was so emotional. I dare you not to cry

Im a big Will Smith fan, he's definitely an aspiring and influential character in my books but even I couldn't defend his last two movies. I wasnt feeling Hancock or I Am Legend so I was cautious about seeing this movie but it's got people bugging. Even guys are getting all emotional about it, grown ass men just taking Kleenex Ltd away from recession and into double figures. So Im gonna see it this Saturday and see what the hype is. I've got a right mind to go with my friends so I can catch them slipping on camera crying. I cant get emotional to that extent through movies. I even laughed at the end of Titanic, I mean come on they could of swapped turns rowing each other along the The closest I ever came to tears was watching A Time To Kill, that closing speech got to me for a slight second.

So Im gonna watch it this weekend and see what all the fuss is about, this better be good!!! and I will not cry...(on purpose).

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Anonymous said...

speaking as a will smith fan I had the same presumptions prior to watching this but after watching the movie I was inspired by the performance and it was a real tear-jerker. Definitely gives you another perspective on life....a "wider perspective" if you will lol really enjoying your blogs by the way

Becks:) said...

I havent seen this either but I really want to

Sho Light! said...

just got it on DVD if you dont watch it today i'll let you know

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