Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't Be A Statistic (Thought Of The Day)

The world is a plethora of conflicting thoughts and theories but what remains constant is facts and figures. Its a fact that we will die and we are constantly haunted by those factual figures...taxes. On the other hand it's an unsanctioned fact that we must figure out how to figure ourselves as figures in this over-crowded world...make sense? What I'm tryna say in small words is Don't Be A Statistic.

It's the afternoon and you havent left the sofa or bed, instead you're watching re-runs of sitcoms and daytime talk shows knowi
ng fully well that the dude aint the father. Its a break from the world, true, except that you've had this break for too long, every day! You sit and eat all day with no care in the world, no job, no hope, no life, nothing. Don't Be A Statistic!

You see her, she sees you, wait for the eye contact then study it for that split second before you make your move; remember girls get approached all the time by all types so don't automatically assume she's gonna approve of you just because you're wearing a top a size smaller to magnify the arms and you starched your jeans or you're wearing fresh footwear. You gotta be unique with it or you'll receive "The gulp". Don't Be A Statistic!

There's a pointless war going on between areas or "ends". You're stuck in a world where postcodes determine your survival. Just to gain approval, status and money you choose gangs, guns and knives not realising that this postcode you're fighting for belongs to your bloody borough and the government are laughing at you. You're ready to throw it all away for a letter and a number and either end up in jail or dead. Don't Be A Statistic!

You're horny, waaay to horny, you and your partner just get down to it with no protection, you somehow "forget" the morning after pill or fail to realise that 99% means just that....99%. You're now pregnant and "spoilt for choice", from when you think you have to make a decision then you have a problem. Lose A life or Lose A Life? Sad story. Don't Be A Statistic!

We are all encouraged
to go for our dreams and never give up but at the same time we must make sense of reality and realise that not everyone can be an MC or a Model. You're beautiful, photogenic, sexy and watch ANTM that doesnt mean you're a model, have options. You can rhyme, turn the definiton of a word into an aggressive noun and cover microphones with saliva, yes you're an MC but so is everybody else, persue your dream but have something to fall back on. Don't Be A Statistic!

You are the father, handle it, deal with it. You wanted that 30 minutes (or considerably less) of pleasure knowing the consequences. Embrace your child and teach them everything you know and everything you didnt know. Be proud of what you produced and dont neglect the core of what you created. Take responsibility. Don't Be A Statistic!

Pick the right one dont pick the right "sum"! Just because the dude has money dont mean he's the best candidate, doesnt mean he isn't either but base your reasons on more than just figures, look for the facts too. Weigh up all the elements or you'll be digging for gold and end up breathing nicely from all the air (oxygen) he's giving you. Money makes the world go round but True Love makes it stand still. Don't Be A Statistic!

The world is your oyster and you can use it however you wish but take time to realise what's right and what's wrong and then use it to help yourself and others. Above all Don't Be A Damn Statistic!

"There are times when someone should be content with what they have but never with what they are"

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$hort 'n' $weet said...

ok, i get it, i get it, i get it- don't be a statistic! lol.

did you make up that quote? if so, it's really good, i might have to...:-P

Becks:) said...

loved that post and yeah that quote is big, where did you get it from?

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