Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Son Of A F****** Orange!

Argh! I woke up this morning thinking I had another day off and I look out my window to see that the roads are clear for transportation to commerce. Son of a F****** Orange! I was hoping and praying TFL and National Rail could give me the news I needed but nope, trains are running with minor delays so I'm up and awake to get ready for work. Gotta take the Bus and Three Trains today ("conveniently" the ones that are working) I aint happy!

Updates on my week long vegetarian expedition coming later on today. And I know some of you are waiting on part 18 and 19, they'll be up tonight as a sunday post, so scroll down in the late evening for that. Just heard that despite Surrey being -8 degrees, some kids still have to go to primary school there (just like yesterday)...now that headteacher is a son of a F****** orange! It's too cold for this, Im not in the mood, gonna be sporting the unfriendly frown all day listening to straight hip-hop, volumes turned up!!

Be Easy


"The best remedy for anger is delay"

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Ondo Lady said...

Aaaaah, I feel your pain. My thoughts are with you mate. As for the Surrey schools I guess hell will have to freeze over before some people have a day off.

Anonymous said...

lol thats funny

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