Monday, February 9, 2009

Mish-Mash #3

I'm just gonna jump straight into it, Chris Brown is a wasteman!! I decided to wait until there was confirmation of the full incident and it has now come to my attention that not only did Chris Brown assault Rihanna and turn himself in but he assaulted her with a deadly weapon! (which is yet to be confirmed). I dont care whether the girl gave him Herpes, told him he aint shit, said she's sleeping with someone else or she disrespected him in any kinda way you should NEVER!!! put your hands on a woman. You can shake her but dont hit her. I've lost tons of respect for him and the fact that he himself had to experience that same type of behaviour when he was younger makes this somehow worse. I blame Money and Fame getting into his head but there should be no excuses. Anyway here's a crappy TMZ video of Chris Brown being booked into custody.

Award Season

The Grammies was probably something I shouldn't of stayed up for. It was ok but nothing spectacular but they did a good job filling in the spaces where Chris Brown and Rihanna were meant to perform. Lil Wayne and Coldplay picked up a few gongs as expected but I was baffled to see Jennifer Hudson pick up the best r'n'b album. I mean I know she's had a bad year and all but regardless there were others more deserved of it (Jazmine Sullivan), but I wont dwell on it because her voice is fire! A couple of decent performances including the "Swagger Like Us" Performance which can be seen by clicking here.

Congrats to Estelle for winning a grammy along with other UK artists including Duffy, Coldplay and Adele. Looks like UK music is finally showing forward movement. Speaking of UK and forward movement, congrats to Noel Clarke for winning the rising star award at the BAFTAS. Now hopefully young writers, directors and producers can get more exposure. I'll be there, fingers crossed!

Gonna go listen to the Friday Foxxhole Radio recording

Be Easy


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Ondo Lady said...

Mr Wider Perspective, I agree with everything you say, however I do not agree that it is ok for a man to shake a woman. No way!! That is just as bad as slapping her. I was really shocked to hear this news, I had Chris Brown down as butter wouldn't never melt. I guess it is true that you should never judge a book by it's cover. I think Chris is a very sad young man and he has probably ruined hs career. Lets hope he learns from this and keeps his fists to himself in future.

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