Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Means Throwback!

This week's gone mad quick! Im already pissed about going work this monday. Back to the title. Many a artist are slept on in the industry whether it be 'cause of record sales, their music wasnt mainstream enough or just because they dont acquire the superstar quality labels are looking for, I dunno. One guy that went about his business quietly during the 90's was Horace Brown, the dude had some serious tracks! I actually had a problem choosing which one I'd pick for today. I recently downloaded his album and reassured myself why the 90's will never be emulated for great R'n'B music. Everything was smooth, real and most importantly everyone could legitimately hold a note. (Who the hell signed Lumidee?....kill yourself). So without further a do, here's Horace Brown. Do you remember?

Horace Brown - Things We Do For Love

"Music is enough for a lifetime but a lifetime is not enough for music"

3 comments so far....:

$hort n' $weet said...

i don't remember this...but this song was sampled HARD!

Broadband said...

tutt tutt S'n'S you dissappoint me, thought you knew about R'n'B. Yeah it was sampled, big track though.

Becks:) said...

I hadn't heard this either but I like it alot

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