Thursday, January 22, 2009


As I've pointed out in articles on the pbleepd website, blogs on here and the pbleepd blog I'm always watching TV. If it's not a sitcom, it's a documentary, if it's not a movie then it's 24 (best show ever). Every now and again between parts I'm able to be captured by a stand-out advert. It seems with the pervasive influence of the internet, companies have been forced into making more creative adverts to attract viewers to telelvision. There's the simplistic yet somehow amazing Cadbury's advert, the inspiring if not eye-opening condom ads, those intriguing and close enough porn Marks and Spencers Food Adverts and the new Virgin Atlantic advert picked up on by Ondo Lady. Now we have the uplifting and smartly created new T-Mobile advert. The idea to do a live filming of random dancers at the London Liverpool Street Station this past Monday Morning was a risk that worked well; and through one great-take the company was able to show the advert the very next day, all this week it's been the talk of TV (behind a certain president elect). It's corny at best but I for one wouldnt have minded pitching that idea to a few companies, after all it probably cost less than you'd think. Enjoy!

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Ondo Lady said...

Hey thanks for the shout out. I really like the dancing advert as well.

Kaylie said...

lol now this is funny!

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