Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Means Throwback!

This is why I love Hip-Hop because there was a story to tell, the messages were real. The 90's was taking Hip-Hop in an exciting and new direction with better concepts, better beats, better videos and the world was beginning to recognise the power of it's genre. Some of the nonsense we hear now is almost wiping away the memory but I cant let it happen. Here's a classic video and track from the 90's; the clip where they nod their heads in unison is classic!

Method Man Feat Mary J Blige - I'll Be There For You (You're All I Need)

"Play the music, not the instrument"

2 comments so far....:

soulgroovy said...

Diggin the "Throwback Friday". I do agree that some have forgotten the true meaning of hip-hop but we cannot let hip-hop die!

Becks:) said...

Finally someone with the video that has the original beat! classic!

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