Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here Today, Goon Tomorrow (Thought Of The Day)

What is Going On!?! Is it just me or is every adolescent between the ages of 13 and 25 (sometimes even older) trying to go on "gangster"? London, UK, The World is an eclectic range of races and languages yet they all seem to be affected by this one but proportional culture, The Goon Effect. Now I'm not here to blame anything or anyone for this rise in Goonism after all life is about choices and no matter what kind of peer pressure there is, you have a choice Yes or No. The Yes has taken effect and each year the number of crimes surrounding Goonish behaviour continues to rise; I can imagine the crime rate charts read like a continuing vertical or diagonal line, never dipping once. And for what!? An akward stare? Someone stepped on your trainers? Someone took London Transport in your area? Someone dresses differently from you? Someone is misusing the money you earned illegally?. All these "disrespect" incidents are in itself disrespectful to the term respect. I'm sure respect is earned rather demanded...maybe thats just me.

I guess I'm not too worried about the elders because really and truly they are a lost cause (negative thinking but oh well), its the youngers Im worried about. Their generation is in dire need of attention right now because they are ending lives without caring about its significance. Im still tryna figure out how to be so heartless, that must be one messed up feeling. It all starts from the basics though, from the jeans/tracksuit bottoms riding low (That is not swagger, that is oh so swag) to the music playing from their mobile phones (the tunes they play are whack aswell, get some damn headphones) it's those small levels that lead up to bigger levels of disrespect. It's a shame there aren't enough creative and inspirational ideas to get the youngers off the streets and thinking with a level-head but speaking to a friend a couple nights ago there are at least those willing to give a helping hand. Are we as elders gonna help them or are we gonna sit and watch the peer pressure get to them? And to the elders that are involved in this unnecessary madness, do you really want your kids and future generations to be caught up in this?

"He who conquers himself has won a greater victory than he who conquers a city"

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