Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mish-Mash #2

I'm a big fan of Kanye from his production to his innovation but there has to be a line that's drawn. Now each is to their own style no doubt but how can you tell me that the pic below is "forward fashion"?. I refuse to believe it!!! Sometimes I feel like just because an artist does something, people automatically think it's right, cool, chic, in-style etc. Thats a lie!!! Now I will expect to see alot more people dress like this which is fine if they like it but I for one can tell you that those guys below look like out of work Power Rangers.


I have a feeling this is more of a DVD typa film but it looks pretty decent, I wanna see Next Day Air. Mainly because I need a laugh and another glimpse of Lauren London. Too fine!

If anyone can find me Marc Dorsey's "Crave" album or a source to it, please let me know, I need a track off it for a short film I'm doing. I lost it a couple years back when the family moved houses, and it's nowhere to be found! It would be easy to just get it off Ebay or Amazon but I honestly cant be asked to lol.

Update on short film: ok so now we're in the process of doing prices and locations. I need to do another casting call too, it should be done hopefully in time for summer film festivals so stay tuned and keep supporting. POUND 4 POUND coming this summer be ready.
I'm off to listen to Speedy's Comedy Corner, Be Easy!


4 comments so far....:

Super Woman said...

you can find ANYTHING on amazon and Imeem as far as music goes LOL.

And Kanye should stop this homo stuff. Im just not liking the tiger pring tights on a man....
I know he says he got his style from homosexuals but damn.

I call it the thuggafication Of Homosexuality

Broadband said...

Haha real talk!! "Thuggafication of Homosexuality" lol I like that!!

Ok Im just gonna go to Amazon.

Eb the Celeb said...

I cant wait for the next day air movie.. that mess is going to be hilarious...

my first time here... love your blog... and thx for following me on twitter

much love!

Broadband said...

lol Eb this aint your first time here you just dont recognise do new layout lol

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