Friday, January 9, 2009

MSN (My Social Network)

In light of my recent departure from the addiction that is facebook (I say departure but deactivation is the correct lamerns terms, I'll be back) I've catapulted myself into life on MSN when Im online, which is 70% of the time...ok 80% but only because I dont use my phone to call anybody. MSN really distinguishes friends and associates from the crazy to the craziest; I found myself simultaneously contributing to convos ranging from the economic crisis and it's resultant implications to whether Coca-Cola goes down well with Oreos (yeah erm no they dont). Yes educational and pointless banter go hand in hand in the world of MSN and with 197 participants to my weekly entertainment I believe sanity is a myth.

This Week On Msn: Emoticons Gone Wild, Why Did I Add You Again?, 2012 isnt necessarily the end, Stereotypes are still Stereotypical, I'm not that funny, Brb has two meanings & The Power Of The Screen Name


So I sign on in the early evening to get a file from one of my close friends who surprisingly isnt online which leaves me with the option to carry on screenwriting or talk to the masses of people online at that very moment (two). So I decide to do both, big mistake! You see I've been using my computer recently instead of my laptop which was borrowed by my friend for one of his uni assignments....due in October 2008! Now my comp has a problem with erm, working; coupled with the fact that I forgot to update Norton this week it crashes on any given occassion suffering from what it calls "visual memory" and so it's not used to having multiple windows of colours open on the screen. Fast forward my attempts to have a conversation with my bubbly friend..sigh...It all started so well (Hello) then came the dreaded introductions of the Emoticons. See now I have emoticons, everyone does....just not for every word in the dictionary. My screen was an amusement park of colours and movements as every sentence included animation; I have a hard enough time disecting new slang as it is let alone a moving image representing the word "the". I used to like yellow (The Simpsons, The Sun, The Rush Hour 2 DVD cover) but now whenever I see yellow it reminds me of the faces of evil. Oh and the comp crashed in the end.


On many a MSN List, you have four levels of communications with your contacts. Those you talk to all the
time, Those who talk to you all the time, Those you have a conversation with once in a while and Those Who You Never Talk Too. But wait, Why Did I Add You In The First Place? I was scrolling through my Uni contacts and saw this person whom I never talk to, I clicked on their screen name and saw that the last time I had communication with them was when I said Happy New Year, (only problem that it was in 2008). Why Do I Keep You As A Contact? It must be to sustain balance right? Hmmm I'll save that story for another day. 2am falls and I'm in between conversations and sitcom re-runs on Paramount when my friend messages me. What makes him so hilarious is that he ONLY messages me at this time and 9 times out of 10 the subject matter is girls/sex. Hey that's all fine and dandy but in retrospect I had to think about it. Weeknight, 2am, Male, Sex...if it was an equation and you were to calculate all those things together Im sure the result would be Porn. Instead of getting sleep for work my friend is probably logged on to youporn (top 10 most visited website in the UK.....tutt tutt) watching Position Impossible. I'll be sure to investigate.


I consider myself funn
y on occassion but lord knows Im not a comedian. So I got abit paranoid when I was speaking to my friend and she replied with lol to EVERY thing I said. There's times when lol isnt even warranted like "I'm just going downstairs to get a drink" and she replies "lol". Hey!! That's not funny! So now Im sitting there wondering if she's laughing because Im funny or just to entertain herself. Skype investment in process. Moments later I was in a convo with a Pbleepd member randomly about the concept of 2012. I read about it and if the theories are true well...then the world will end in three years. To which she replied....

we live in a world where our system is built on the tangible what we see and can touch and we build our lives trying to be in control...but the first step to truely living is realising you are never in control and this life is nothing anyway

Food for thought ladies and gentleman. I wasn't on MSN Last Night which brings me to Friday....


It's mandatory on Twitter, It was bearable on Facebook but please can you stop changing your screen name every 5 minutes on MSN? That makes no sense whatsoever!! If you have something to say everyday on MSN fine, but not every 5 minutes. If that's the case, speak to the people you want your screen name to refer to, and please dont use the tactic to go offline and appear online so everyone can see your screen name....Sigh. Those people will get the modern BRB treatment. If nobody knows what that is that's when a person says "brb" as a tactic for you to stop talking to them. It's subtle and very clever. I havent actually used it myself, so anyone who has received a brb from me it has been genuine (phew).

I guess I'll be back next month to give you the latest from my MSN experience. Be Easy!

"Tell Me Your Friends And I'll Tell You Who You Are"

7 comments so far....:

$hort n' $weet said...

dis was hilarious Ldot! tru stories about da 'BRB', weneva i get dat(it doesn't happen often doe lol) i get paranoid & fink da person jus doesnt wanna chat 2 me! lol

as 4 da gal hu always says 'lol' i fort u were chattin bout me 4 a sec wen i read da 1st line! neways u knw i do laugh at ANYFING so weneva i type 'lol' i am bein so genuine! lol!

$hort n' $weet said...

oh yer & i lyk da new layout!

Mas said...

haha..nice this is jokes. the assignment is due in Oct 2010. Lol Nah I should be done by Early Feb latest...but I'am keeping ur Nike bAG...OH yea Norton has 2 days left ...What should I do? :-s

Muffin said...

Ahhh deep I never knew brb back meant people didn't wanna talk to you! I always get brb's ;(.

This is funny, I like it. I can't take people with too many emoticon's either I just like the standard ones espcially 8-| lol

Anonymous said...

This is funny!! I too thought u were talkin about me with regards to the lol...either way u definitely made me more conscious about it. As for the emotiocons they are very annoyin and now i try to avoid them at all costs. As for the BRB thing, WOW! I thought it may have happened to me today but the person returned quick time to yip yap some mmore...phew!!

Broadband said...

Haha I like the way Anonymous left me a message expecting me to know who they are with no indication. Lol

Ondo Lady said...

I have just come across this. (genuine LOL) Very funny. I am a yahoo lady but the emotions do get on my nerves a bit except for the hugs which are quite cute. As for brb I swear I only use it when I intend to brb. But you know what pisses me off? Peeps who hide online and as soon as you log on you get a message from them saying 'Hey!!" while they are still invisible. Soo annoying, why you hiding? Just grow up. Some don't even say :Hey" they just launch right into the conversation. Excuse me, manners please. Yeah instant messaging has a lot to answer for.

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