Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Will I Get Married?

Woke up today to a text; you know when you get a text half-asleep and you read it, acknowledge it for 2 secs then go back to sleep? Did that but then I processed the words from the text in my head and got up quickly!!

"T is getting MARRIED in September. So keep that month free"

Shock and happiness went hand in hand as I stretched and yawned. Happiness at one of my closest friend's finally finding the woman of his dreams and the shock at having to eventually spend money on yet another suit (the credit is crunching, the credit is munching). While sending a congratulatory message to T, I honed in on the scenario: "2 down, 3 to go". Each year since 2006 a close acquaintance of mine outside of family has gotten married and I think to myself "damn! who's next?". The truth is, it could be me. Back in sixth-form/college we all used to joke about who would get married first to last and I was always the third one chosen out of the five of us. We make these predictions out of jest but judging by the three of us that are left, its bound to be me next lol (right Mas?). 6 to 7 years on and now the sudden realisation of T's engagement means 2 out of the five of us will be happily married by the end of 2009 (T and darkman). Just like at darkman's reception, I know that T's ceremony is gonna have me thinking about what life has in store.

We're approaching our mid-twenties (still young right?) fast and although life has so much in store and doesn't promise any guarantees I cant help but think my time is coming. We're all settling or at least trying to settle down now and it's a surreal but beautiful thing to see how everyone's matured over the years. I've seen and experienced alot of marriages breakdown and crumble but it's made my belief even stronger that mine with time, perserverance and love will work. Im not saying Im getting married in 2010, uh uh unlikely (I'll leave that year to Muffin lol) but I know God has planned it well for me. Lets put a date on it just because; Broadband will be married at the age of 28 on his wife's birthday. Location and Song to be decided. That gives me 5 years....

"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry"

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$hort n' $weet said...

no u cnt put a tym 2 it!!! aww its nice 2 see'hear dat ppl our age r finally settlin dwn & hav cum 2 realise dat dey cnt find Beyonce or Stacey Dash on road!

ur really updatin ur blog on a reg nw- i cnt keep up!

Miss Shh said...

I'll marry you!!!

Muffin said...

Haha 2010 lol...what if you fiance don't wanna get married on her b'day lol...marriage is about compromise you can't make all the decisions ;)

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