Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Made It This Far?

So I'm up watching NBA on Channel 5 (LA Lakers Vs Houston Rockets) and enjoying the twists and turnovers and the high energy action but everytime I got into it, there was some 7ft dude in the way stopping me from observing the actual talent on the court. His name is Paul Gasol, if you dont know who he is, he's another ridiculously tall "basketballer" who should not be on the same court let alone on the same team as the likes of Kobe Bryant.....Oh and he's in the picture on the left. He sucks!! He misses shots for fun, I mean how are you gonna miss when you're near enough taller than the rim? It made me wonder whether basketball teams substitute talent sometimes for height (rhetorical question, of course they do). Fair do's he scored a few points in his life but there's clearly still a void left with Shaq gone and he hardly fills it. He was the only annoyance in a hard fought game but after I began to wonder about all these people who suck at what they do but are still picked ahead of the talent, I came up with quite the comprehensive list, American Jeapordy style.

He scores own goals and is possibly the premiership's worst defender.
Answer: Who is Titus Bramble?

She's hot but sings as badly as she dances
Answer: Who is Cassie?

He has the unparalled ability to create the same facial expression for every feeling in every scene
Answer: Who's that dude from the OC?

The show was funny, the stand up was not!
Answer: Who is Seinfield?

A combination of bad voting and overrated acclaim
Answer: What is Britain's Got Talent and it's recent winner?

Four Boys, Three Initials, Second Place, 1 likely to finally come out the closet
Answer: What are JLS?

Could probably think of more but that would just be wasting my time. I'll leave you with the biggest travesty in the entertainment business, Milli Vanilli. With this group the downright travesty ranges far and wide from their lack of voices to the lycra garments. How dare they!?!

"Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people dont recognize them"

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Caribbeauty said... ahh leave jls alone...they tried hehehe

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