Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life Is A Journey Not A System (Thought of the day)

Life sometimes has some strange & tedious chronological theme about it. You're born into a world where there is a designed system for success that the majority of the people around you seem to follow. When you're growing up as a child it's that common phrase you hear from your parents "You have to study real hard so you can go to University and get a degree to become a.. [Insert prestige job with amazing salary here]" Educational Institution followed by Educational Institution followed by another and then boom!! you're catapulted into the "real world" only to find that sometimes the real world is reality smacking you in the face.

For your main goal now is to acquire a job straight away without hesitation so you can raise funds to look after your well being, pay off that student debt and get out of that house you've gained independence from through the duration of your degree. You therefore have to sacrifice your life goals (if only for a little while) and often lose the urge to get back onto the path you once dreamed of. 9-5 in an office for the next 20 years? Boy I hope not. Some people are designed for that line of work but others are designated to it. They fall into a system and cant get out because of that same tedious, chronological theme. The Matrix doesn't seem so fictional after all. Such is the repetitive nature of the system, the scenario is for you to settle and wait for your opportunity or whatever else you really want in life; but sometimes it doesnt work like that "If Opportunity doesn't knock build a door!".

I cant allow myself to settle and although the system is a secure base for some level of success and stability, it is also the equivalent of doing nothing. By following I'm merely doing something normal rather than doing something special. So my advice to all is make life a journey not a system.


"And In The End It's Not The Years In Your Life That Count, It's The Life In Your Years"

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