Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Head Vs Heart (Thought Of The Day)

Challenges and Obstacles are part and parcel of life experiences yet whether we have battles over religion, relationships or recreational activity the one constant choice that creeps up on different stages of personal growth is our head versus our hearts. Time after time we're stuck for choice between the conscious conflicts of our thoughts and the eternal intagibility of our souls. But why? Surely one cant work without the other, or else there are doubts. If you follow your head you are denying your heart's intent and if you follow your heart your are lying to the mind patterns. Its the worst feeling right? But are we reading too much into the thought of head vs heart? Can we bridge the gap?

Regardless of what we may think there is a right choice and a wrong choice; and seperating our choices into head and heart means we are setting ourselves up for an inevitable down fall. The battle isnt necessarily between head and heart, it's between right and wrong. Whether we choose to be naive of what's right is obviously up to one's self but know that choosing the wrong choice in full recognition of it will result in consequences on both the head and the heart.

"Again and again, the impossible problem is solved when we see that the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made"

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Muffin said...

Very interesting blog. I often face those head-heart dilemma's lol. I agree that sometimes there is a wrong and right decision and we just label the wrong one 'heart' to make ourselves feel better lol. It's not always that simple though sometimes the wrong/right distinction is not clear cut, and what may appear wrong may be right! Lol it's a toughie

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