Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration, Interrogation, Implications, Indication

So...in 2 hours America and the world will officially have their first african-american president and make a piece of history that may never be emulated in cultural significance again. Indeed the slogan "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" has been a motivator for people around the world but are our beliefs overshadowing the difficult tasks ahead?

Last night as I sat in the living room eating my native food (hot! hot! fufu) my family's eyes were firmly locked on Fox News which was a shock in itself as Fox Media are well known to be opposers of Barack Obama. Sipping on Evian I observed as they were interviewing a political powerhouse who had some interesting words for the inauguration of Obama. He suggested that the nation may be putting too much pressure and extending the already high expectations on Obama as being the "saviour of the world"; therefore the only way for Barack was downhill. I was almost ready to respect his suggestion until he compared Barack's run to George W. Bush's. Obviously putting too much sugar in his tea, the man claimed that unlike Barack, Bush had many doubters at the beginning but was able to turn the nation's views of him around in his 8 years in charge.

....right because 70% of the nation stating Bush failed is an indication of that?

What I will agree with is that the expectations are extended to a point that many americans are blinded by the moment and havent disected the magnitude of the challenges Obama must face. Catapulted into a volatile situation, Obama must address the Economic Crisis, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the residential, educational and social-economical needs of the country as well as the MANY who I feel will strive to bring him down around him. For Barack to handle these issues he'll need two integral forces of nature, Support and Time. 4 years is enough time to build growth but more time will be needed to maintain it. This is where I hope he will still have the same support as questions will be asked; expectations are sometimes a burden.

They are a burden to the point where a woman stated that now that Barack is president she wont need to pay her bills and mortgages (silly). It was even more worrying that she was black; ah yes, the black element. We know how significant this moment in history is and I'm proud to have been alive to see this moment and even prouder that black people as well as all people have been brought together by this occassion. Yet we musnt forget the wider perspective.

We musn't forget that this moment isn't a time for ignorance but a time for inspiration. Black people must take this with a smile and a stride in their step without forgetting that Obama is indeed mixed-race, half white. Embracing his skin-tone means you must embrace his heritage and embrace the aspect of unity amogst all. Generations of struggle over equality are pre-dominantly over.

This being said I am jealous of Americans right now, especially those in DC who are going to have one hell of a time despite the weather. Obama is a brilliant orator, one who has gained much respect from myself and if we are to go by what we have seen so far, his collectiveness and vision coupled with support and time will make him one of the most influential and important leaders of all time.

"Change Your Thoughts And You Change Your World"

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2009 Blogger said...

Thats real talk, last paragraph especially holds true.

He delivered a very enlightening speech that sounded more real than any of his presidential predecessors

Becks:) said...

I almost cried lol He's so inspiring!!! What you say holds true but it's hope we must believe in, like your quote says we must change in order for the world to, so those expectations are just representations of high hopes.

Kaylie said...

Well said, 2009 Bloggers abit over the top with the whole "real" element but it was definitely inspiring. Yes We Can! (Hopefully)

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