Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Neo-Soul Part 2

Music continues to play a huge part in lifestyle not only because of human relation but it's unparalleled ability to produce a sound for any occassion. As picked up on in Part 1, when you disect the feelings from music you get the atmosphere (instruments), the mood (the beat), the emotion (the voice) and the action (the words). This part concentrates on the atmosphere.

Anyone who knows me will know I find it difficult to sleep, even when I'm offline and relaxing in my bed watching sitcoms at ridiculous times of the morning (knowing fully well I either have work or something important to do the next day). I just cant seem to close those eyes for long enough; some call it Insomnia I call it freakin' annoying. "So why dont you turn off the TV?" If only it was that easy; turning off the TV presents frustration on my part as I find myself forcing a situation that just wont take place. So I turn to Plan B (which in retrospect should be Plan A)....Neo-Soul.

Neo-Soul is tranquil which in turn creates relaxation which in turn makes me comfortable which in turn provides a guide for my sleep. There's a certain atmosphere that Neo-Soul creates that no other genre can; No I'm not talking about R'n'B slow jams (same venue, wrong reason lol) I'm talking about the ability to make original sounds play harmonic entries of responsive energy, and that's what Neo Soul does. If you blend the piano, the drums, the violin and/or the saxaphone you're bound to create an eclectic array of comfortability. Ergo, comfortability usual means a peaceful sleep.

Ironically I havent come across a whole album that makes me fall asleep from the Neo-Soul genre although on odd occassion I can sleep to a Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village, Jill Scott or India Arie album. I would find myself sleeping to the sounds of Jazz or Norah Jones' Come Away With Me album. However I like to keep my options fresh so I created a couple of compilations. This one below has become the more potent playlist as I fight my battle with sleep. So if you're ever in need of a sleep album I recommend this to you.

Part 2 - The Orchestra Of Sleep

Jill Scott - The Way
D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel?)
Dwele - 70's
Jill Scott - Imagination
Conya Doss - Meantime
Common Feat Mary J Blige - Come Close
Eric Benet - Just My Way
Eric Roberson - Def Ears
Michael Jackson - Butterflies
Amel Larrieux - Gills & Tails
Jazmine Sullivan - Lovin' You
Floetry - Getting Late
Slum Village Feat Dwele - Count The Ways
Anthony Hamilton - Hard To Breathe
India Arie - Talk To Her
Hil St Soul - Time For Love
The Roots Feat Erykah Badu - Baby You Got Me

Sleep with that in your speakers/headphones and let me know how y'all get on. Neo-Soul Part 3 coming soon...

Most people do not consider dawn to be an attractive experience, unless they're still up

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Becks:) said...

you have skills lol I like the way you did the whole atmosphere description in one sentence. I'm gonna try that playlist tonight. You best not fail me young man! :)

Ms A. said...


Cheeks;) said...

why didnt you tell me you wrote a post about neosoul!! love it! so true! nice word play with the atmosphere like Becks said

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